Funny Cat Playing Basketball

NBA LockOUT..? NOT in my house! Here is my cousin and of course my adorable cat playing some quality basketball in order to fill in the NBA gap in my life; perhaps in your life too. © Copyright Roberts Ozolins 2011

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    24 Responses to “Funny Cat Playing Basketball”

    1. MrGuitardude147 Says:

      1. This is going on rwj

      2. Was anyone waiting for him to chuck it at the cat?!

    2. TheRobcis Says:

      @MrGuitardude147 Sure! I was.

    3. Je5s3b0y Says:

      24 haters… maybe the cat plays better defense than them xD

    4. Lucky7Number Says:

      Pffff…that guy never understood what the cat was trying to say…”ur doing it wrong”

    5. Wulliist Says:

      I like that ball ;o)

    6. Dman29lol Says:

      Best video ever 🙂

    7. Dman29lol Says:

      This is going on rwj 🙂

    8. ri4a100 Says:


    9. BabyPuma124 Says:

      Cats have 4 toes, not 3. They also have a 5th claw on their “thumb”, so “High 5” is appropriate. I do “high 5” w/ my cat all the time too.

    10. Bianca16161616 Says:

      RWJ didnt sent me here WIMP did =D

    11. Asaminator Says:


    12. Kestercgm Says:

      TheRobcis seriously come on if even dunk, so anybody can, I am only just 5ft 7inchs tall no lie. Merely be dedicated to a working jump system such as this one that’s over at “50inchvertical (dot) com”, it’ll multiply your leaping ability and your basketball skills.

    13. inosike Says:

      cute baby

    14. kobenotomoda Says:

      so cute

    15. loveraina1827 Says:


    16. xloveyuko Says:

      high five!

    17. shooooota44 Says:


    18. yugandali Says:

      That’s cute!! ~~ and he sure plays a lot better than I do!

    19. ninnin3131 Says:


    20. flyordie2 Says:

      Everyone has this all wrong. Jedi Cat was using his powers to control to make his owner play basketball.

    21. 221327Yuhki Says:


      Oh! very cute!!

    22. kamometan Says:


    23. jennifergwaine Says:

      I think he might have a problem getting it in the basket though…

    24. walkthroughdude09 Says:

      i just saw this in my F’bo weekly email and it’s so funny and cute! it meows at 0:14

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