EDS, an HP Company ‘Cat Herders’

EDS, an HP Company ‘Cat Herders’

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    25 Responses to “EDS, an HP Company ‘Cat Herders’”

    1. karmakomodia Says:

      Hahaha to ” Livin the Dream”? Meowy funny…..

    2. LittleRockyRoad Says:

      this made my little? brother laugh so hard that he cried

    3. catsinhouse Says:

      I was given this gem of an ad on a DVD as? a going-away gag gift at work, as the giftors knew I, a cat lover, compared my job to herding cats and that I had “herders” in my family from Montana. I, too, laughed so hard I was crying – this has to be the perfect commercial ever.

    4. LittleRockyRoad Says:

      I definitely agree, i never seen a commercial like this. But i think for me it was funnier just? to watch the look on my brother’s face as he watched this. As you can see, i have a great Dane, but my little brother has always been more fond of cats. anything involving them makes him scream in laughter. This had to be absolutely perfect.

    5. micpar2 Says:

      They should had reshown this during the Super Bowl the last few years again. Because 99% of the new commericals? have SUCKED!

      This one is a classic & funny as hell!

    6. alicejane024 Says:

      This is truly? one of the best things I have ever seen.

    7. TheresaThePuppy Says:

      i wish i were a cat herder….i would probably take like 13 kittys cause im faster than cats? XD

    8. elbellguttman Says:

      i? love this. i would definitely go with this company based on this commercial alone. too funny.

    9. Z200a Says:

      Did you have to ruin it? with that giant text box right on top of half the video?!

    10. RudeHamster Says:

      So what’s new? I’ve been? chasing pussy most of my adult life!

    11. acelopez27 Says:

      Just click the x to get rid of? it.

    12. Z200a Says:

      Thanks. Didn’t realize that? was possible!

    13. donbon0906 Says:

      The Herman Cain look-alike at? the end was was great, too.

    14. KeniArts Says:

      Writing a novel? can be like herding cats.

    15. keavoncp Says:

      This is by far the most clever,? incentive, engaging ad in history.

    16. keavoncp Says:

      MaximumPC brought me? here.

    17. nosferatu49 Says:

      This is to me eyes, the best commercial ever,? you know!

    18. ModerationMC Says:

      “Wouldn’t do? nothin’ else.” LOL Laughed so hard.

    19. Dunnygirl21 Says:

      Honestly? these guys are better then me. Especially the dude who said “wouldn’t do nothing else” I couldn’t say or do any of this with a serious face.

    20. MarbleDuck Says:


    21. leadguitarist999 Says:

      I love? this commercial

    22. trollyponah Says:

      I know its fake and just a commercial but.

      What is the? point of herding cats?

    23. dcreek8 Says:

      That was hilarious;? and yes, brilliant! Loved it!!

    24. manga12 Says:

      lol cute, lol cats, not lolcatz.

      I can only imagin trying to get them over water cats are usually adverse to water, cept for some long hairs and turkish vans which love to swim usually, but winding up the? ball of yarn, and reaching up into the tree to get the tiny critters out.

      soo many types of cats, and who does not like the way a cat moves they look like their feet are a continuous conveyor belt or they bound along and swish their tail as they move through the air.

    25. sbeck90630 Says:

      Rooster? Teeth!

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