Dishwasher cat

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    24 Responses to “Dishwasher cat”

    1. WorldWalker128 Says:

      Meanwhile, Humans are getting dumber. Just work at Walmart? for a month. You’ll agree.

    2. kymm00 Says:

      what a strange and? wonderful creature.

    3. byJessCh Says:

      my cats used to do that also, they? thought they could take the water out of the bowl and plates.

    4. 0000kris0000 Says:

      Wow. Let me? introduce you to the word : HUMOUR!

    5. 2007sroka Says:

      I want? this cat

    6. Eric Ramirez Rodriguez Says:

      No creo que sea muy saludable que el? gato este jungando en los trastes para comer.

    7. Xiia0Sn00pY Says:

      its japanese.?

    8. afthefragile Says:

      Obvious observation is obvious!?

    9. afthefragile Says:

      Obvious observation is? obvious!

    10. maganz Says:

      Fake. It’s a little? racoon disquized as a cat!

    11. hweb09 Says:

      Uhm…cool video but I think cat? dislike water.

    12. Konnitha Heng Says:

      Haha he is so? cool I wish he was my dishwasher !!?????????????

    13. loriethier1 Says:

      SOOO? CUTE

    14. tillaylomo Says:

      not chinese?

    15. Gamwtonmpelamou11 Says:


    16. stefh2009 Says:

      is the one laughing in the end Matsuken?? oO

    17. stefh2009 Says:

      it’s not the? same….!!!!!!

    18. Marlene55M Says:

      Great! One of my cat helps cooking or making the beds, but none of the two would ever? wash the dishes! Cute housekeeper you have there 🙂

    19. TheMetalgear19 Says:

      hey there, tihs is? my new dishwasher!!

    20. weblinks4youdotcom Says:

      If anyone would be interested in saving my cat’s life, you can go to indiegogo . com/helpsavebruiser (remove the spaces) and donate so my mother can afford the surgery he needs to save his life. If you can’t donate,? please thumbs up so others can see this too! Thank You!

    21. ebayisajoke Says:

      why does youtube promote this stuff??

    22. PeretzRU Says:

      ?????????????? ??????!

    23. coffeenciggy Says:

      Only in Russia, where kitties are so tough that (likely) COLD tap water don’t phase them? one bit!

    24. Volia0 Says:

      ?? ?????? ????? ????????? ????? ??????! )))

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