demon cat


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    25 Responses to “demon cat”

    1. BagelKitteh Says:

      now clean that litter

    2. EGLchan Says:

      The power of Ceiling Cat compells you!

    3. TheMujo333 Says:

      No you cannot haz a chezburger.

    4. mhmandthen Says:

      “I love it. I love it. I love it”

    5. Angrie454 Says:

      Looks and sounds like an Ewok!

    6. timthehippie Says:

      LOL is his name Piotr?

    7. sergiut1 Says:

      dulya is her name : cat

    8. Idurararayou Says:

      it sounds like it’s saying “I love love love love love you” and then hissing. l:[ bipolar cat is bipolar.

    9. PhoenixJuice Says:

      @dannyboy4166 your dad is gay you faggot

    10. punkmediaproductions Says:

      wait, are those eyes supposed to be red??

    11. MrRyan2582 Says:

      0:56 thru 1:06 captions i love me i love me i humped me, now clean that litter, bitch

    12. moonbray Says:

      That’s a frickin’ satanic cat! AAAHHHHHHH!!!

    13. Dartmax1 Says:

      ???????? ??????))) ?????? ????? ??)))))))))))))))))))??

    14. Dartmax1 Says:


    15. ZuyMauy Says:


    16. bomberfun1 Says:

      Your cat (Dolya) is possessed by the evil. You need to call 1800-EXORCIST.

    17. raicho20 Says:

      WTF is wrong with the cat?! Is satan inside her making those noises?!

    18. wzl134 Says:

      my new ringtone hahaha

    19. aylera Says:

      poor cat

    20. RandomGrl000 Says:

      i feel so sorry for it, the poor kitty is scared. the eyes aren’t really red, it’s just the camera position. i love this kitty!

    21. Chocotaw Says:

      WAKAWAKAWAKA! WADAWAKAWAAAA! WAAAkaaa waaaaaaaa! waggawaga wag

    22. ElSSidoRR Says:

      avril avril avril lavigne 😀

    23. theonlylolking Says:

      @RandomGrl000 What could it possibly be scared by? The camera?

    24. TheLOLgameplay Says:

      i love my self, i love my self, i hump myself, now go clean that litter. bitch

    25. SuperTraienel Says:

      cat witnessed Cernobil

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