Cute cat thinks it’s a dog

Our cat, Tifa, is a little “species confused” 🙂 She plays “fetch”, pants like a dog, and wags her tail! This video is from when Tifa was about 6 months old. For those of you concerened about the panting, she went through several tests and the vets saw nothing wrong with her. She only panted when running and playing for too long. Today she’s more than a year old, doesn’t pant anymore (she’s gotten too lazy for all that running :P) and is leading the life of a perfectly happy and healthy cat… Or dog, I don’t know anymore.

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    25 Responses to “Cute cat thinks it’s a dog”

    1. BombGuy84103 Says:

      does? she bark? lol

    2. galliepoli Says:

      i play fetch with my? cat too 😀 but she doesnt pants like that ..cats are so cute!! sometimes weird :p

    3. puschfan4 Says:

      So cute! She acts? like my boxer dog

    4. reinahx Says:

      My? kitty plays fetch and eats everything… I call her my doggy.

    5. dry1108 Says:

      It’s a dog / cat 😮 new? bread… I WANT OOOONNNNNNEEEEE

    6. madison anderson Says:

      My? cat pants too all animals do exept rabbits and bugs DUH

    7. SacreBaikal Says:

      I want a cat? that does that.D:

    8. driftking9293 Says:

      weres the dog wo thinks is? a cat?

    9. PinkBerryPhie Says:

      Aww I? know that from my cat. He does that too C:
      But my cat’s a raccoon-dog-bird-cat….

    10. nandansho Says:

      Well Cats Kinda? reflect their “owners” personalities, and habits etc. This Cat has got a great Personality, and is so animated and present…oh I got give my little squigums a hug now Cats FTW!

    11. miyuki akiko cama Says:


    12. Kael Phoenix Says:

      aw man thats so cute? <3

    13. lyra harriet Says:

      aww! :P?

    14. boyfan6 Says:

      Shis? thirsty

    15. DannyBoy31211 Says:

      cute enough to stuff? into a blender

    16. Railfanable Says:

      Does? she bark too?:)

    17. sanantoniowhiteboy Says:

      ur definitely a? ync person.

    18. KB8LA Says:

      Cats breathe like this when? stressed. But that is obviously not the case here. This is very interesting!

    19. TheStalker4life Says:

      My cat Boots does this too. We used to thing that she had serious issues, but we just decided? that she’s special, lol.

    20. nasirmahmood7799 Says:

      Beautiful and cute one.? Lovely

    21. FoamKittyGamer Says:

      My cat does that when he’s exhausted, but still chases the laser pointer? even after being so.

    22. SuperWeng10 Says:

      youre cat is? wearing a mask?

    23. popazz1 Says:

      “Now serve me tuna”.
      Adorable kitty-kit,great smile!?

    24. mar640 Says:

      pretty? lovely

    25. gw1995tomboy Says:

      hahaha? thats adorable

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