Cats in Your Lavatory

A song about the growing problem of toilet felines. By www.weebls-stuff.com Animated by Greasy Moose. —————–Lyrics—————- You’ve got cats in your lavatory That’s where they’re gonna be from now No matter how you push or flush They just won’t budge They don’t ‘wanna drown When you sit down You’re going to frown Because you see They’re ‘gonna scratch Right at your ass Because they’re not happy. repeat till madness sets in.

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    24 Responses to “Cats in Your Lavatory”

    1. MacedsAL Says:

      So…. there are cats in my lavatory O_O

    2. mrjeremyfisherr Says:

      DUDE. @0:16 i start laughing so hard cuhs i love the random cat sprawled on his back && the way the gray cat in the front moves his paws. x)

    3. verylargerofler Says:

      Should have been when you sit down, right on the crown, your gonna frown

    4. TheEliteSilver Says:

      this vid is just 1 part repeated 4 times

    5. theJpLAyAh Says:

      cats…in my lavatory?… but…but… how would you get them out…?

    6. MrWolf2318 Says:

      Wow this like not cool

    7. BicchiereDiPizza Says:

      try also with:cats in your ass

    8. TheMizzcherry Says:

      I wonder where my cat went =T

    9. DOGZROCK400 Says:

      @theJpLAyAh u dont. O.o

    10. zoigos2 Says:


    11. sweetswaggasid21 Says:


    12. xN4THxTH3xDEM0Nx Says:

      soooo, its basically a 30 second song and animation, repeated 5 times

    13. killman51 Says:

      what is this i dont even

    14. Minimanmaxi Says:

      Guys stop being so angry, all weebl’s animations are looped (most of them forever).

    15. BriPod90 Says:

      This is going to be stuck in my head now. Dammit.

    16. ed11118 Says:

      Wat did I just watch?

    17. TrueCoolGuy Says:

      Disconnect your internet, After 0:34 and just press 0, repeat this four times, There u have just watched the whole video without completely loading it

    18. 928880 Says:


    19. HAMTHEDUDE Says:

      @Constance7689 I think being high will give a better effect. I suggest a Heroin injection. Have a nice day 🙂

    20. ShadeyKicksButt Says:


    21. BannanaToffeePie Says:

      press and hold 10 to see how stupid you are

    22. neonbeast18 Says:

      One m0:00re time XD

    23. XLaLaBunnyXd Says:

      xDD lol

    24. GranTorino992 Says:

      i want cats inside my pussy

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