Cat’s In The Cradle

I searched this song a few days ago and couldn’t find any versions with the words on it so I decided to make one with the lyrics. Please send any request to jbmmt1224@yahoo.com and make the subject “REQUEST”.

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    20 Responses to “Cat’s In The Cradle”

    1. iluvjulia202 Says:

      ps? you suck!

    2. livingstillbirth Says:

      Muslims killed people who weren’t even aware of the existence of the video in question, let alone a party to its promotion. Yet, you sickeningly dismiss the cold-blooded murder of? innocents as a mere”reaction”. Fine. Americans are equally passionate about their freedom of expression. Would you so easily dismiss the murder of Muslims in retaliation as a justifiable “reaction”? Of course, not. Likewise, military drones ” can be easily be avoided if you don’t actively….piss ‘America’ off.”

    3. Tara Shear Says:


    4. SquonkyJr Says:

      Please note that I never said it was a “justifiable reaction”. I said quite the opposite. What I am trying to say is that both sides should stop fighting and start sorting out their differences in a peaceful and rational fashion. Americans are angry about 9/11. Muslims are angry about Americans invading their countries.? America insults their religion. Muslims riot and kill Americans. None of this is getting anyone anywhere. And yes, I know there are countless other details, but I’m out of room.

    5. MastrTrole2001 Says:

      trolololololol le moralfeg. y so? much anilpane lelelelelelelele

    6. MasterTroll1939 Says:

      The South will rise again!?

    7. guyana mootoo Says:

      1980s music the best i? am only 13

    8. magicman205 Says:

      Most sad song I have ever heard. It’s a great one? though!

    9. batty15able Says:

      my mama said it reminds? her of her father so she doesnt like listening to it

    10. Lucrono123 Says:

      Shut up? you whore.

    11. Andie senhaj Says:

      Technically Cat Stevens actually wears a Turban, also known as a Bulle, not a rag. Clearly your stupidity is terminal, anybody who knows anything about Stevens wouldn’t speak poorly of him. Anyone with a brain understands that radicals do not speak? for an entire people. Klansmen wore white hoods, that doesn’t mean I forsake anybody who’s white. There are those of us out here who know a thing or two. btw the kuran says All life is sacred. I am american, not muslim, i just have respect.

    12. Kurt Rogers Says:

      I love this song? too =). It gives me a happy/sad feeling.

    13. Clayton McGarry Says:

      I really enjoyed it, this is a bittesweet song to listen to. My father died in Oct. 2010. I miss him so much. My son lives in Ga.? with his mom. Justin I love you with all my heart, Love Dad

    14. Samuel Capritta Says:

      like if you sang with? old man voice.

    15. John Smith Says:

      I feel bad for you. Tourettes is a serious issue. I hope? you can get it sorted out. Good luck!

    16. MrsJasmyn45 Says:

      I’ve been looking for this song? on CD, Does anyone know where I can find it and what year it came out in?

    17. Bevan Vallone Says:

      get the f*** out of here. if u don’t like this song then? y are u here listening to it. as another guy said, u are obviously trolling. well u know what. i’m sick of people trollong on here. so piss off.

    18. Andie senhaj Says:

      im sorry to hear your such an angry individual, you are clearly a person that thrives on anger and furious response. Living with so much anger sounds? like a very tiring life. I hope you can sort that out. Cheers!

    19. Andie senhaj Says:

      Just? let it go man, you will impress no one with your hate.

    20. Stephanie Freeman Says:

      Dude this song? makes me cry and I am only 14 XD

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