Cats after anesthesia

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    24 Responses to “Cats after anesthesia”

    1. 2ebu Says:

      nybigbro? nice name… i have? no chance

    2. missvioletpixie Says:

      omg adorable drunk cats! sooo cute!?

    3. ly3r Says:

      im? dead

    4. flyingonagoose Says:

      the typical answer from a? moron

    5. enriqueDFTL Says:

      Y U mad,? bro?

    6. enriqueDFTL Says:

      Ever what it feels like to? be cross-faded. Yeah, that’s it right there. >.>

    7. GuildGamesNET Says:

      While I? admit they look really funny in this state, you’re not supposed to feed cats for a while after they’ve been anesthetized, they could have easily choked.

    8. TheFaggotMaster Says:

      LOL are you butt mad? Little kid, it’s alright.? I mean, it’s not your fault you don’t know how to spell and only knows the weakest most unoriginal comebacks. I wish you could see exactly how many times people has written that line to me.
      But no, the name is not dedicated to my own homosexuality, no no. You see, I collect faggots on the internet, such as yourself, and I order them around, put them in cages and what not. So please sir, come with me.

    9. TheGhostGhillie Says:

      i am sorry mister this is? the interwebz not hippy fluffy candyland were everything is good and boring

    10. lockoshamface Says:

      who thought of David Hasselhoff watching? this?

    11. BlazeRemixes Says:

      Reddit would rip you up? like a pack of wolves

    12. wallace7582 Says:

      Animals that have been under that much anesthesia should not be allowed to walk? around freely or eat. Anyone with any sort of common sense would know that! The vet should have told you that as well. This is how they can really hurt themselves. If you really loved those poor little cats, you would have kept them confined until the anesthesia wore off.

    13. superfyingninjadude Says:

      ray william johnson? brought me here

    14. UmairHaq Says:

      They are on Ketamine right?

    15. donvidol Says:

      0:18 it’s like i don’t give a crap about? my legs, i wanna eat!!!!

    16. 143SuperKitten Says:

      cat nip gone? wrong

    17. 143SuperKitten Says:

      I sat around watching my boy? and girl cat do somthething like that when they got fixed she layed down but he was like mommy i got this (lol my cat is a show off)

    18. ember8006 Says:

      damn. i couldnt stop laughing. that? was excruciatingly funny

    19. TheSpAxXe Says:


    20. El Coolio Says:

      Wow… Out of the millions of comments, you chose mine to give a stupid response. GET A LIFE. You should just stop trying, you already know you’ll never be the man? your mother is.

    21. BuLLReD86 Says:


    22. FcoTrillo Says:

      The Internet needs those? cats

    23. parkemily77 Says:

      at 0:17 when the cat? is in its bowl lol

    24. Samasouale Says:

      0:21 “If I can’t go to the meal, the meal will come to? me” 😉

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