Cats 101: Bengal

Cat Health 101: More Cats 101 Video: The wild look of the Bengal cat comes from its ancestors, the Asian leopard cat and the domestic shorthair. It’s breeding can account for its intelligence and wild nature, too.

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    25 Responses to “Cats 101: Bengal”

    1. SGKxL Says:

      I want one so bad: (

    2. warriorsfanbase Says:

      @casperberry calico is a fur pattern

    3. MintChocolateCow Says:

      leopardstar was caught by twolegs and used to model in this video 0.0

      (thumbs up if you understood what i just said)

    4. XYumekoX Says:

      I have a bengal and he’s about 4 pounds now, still a kitten. He purs very loudly, but he does meow. Although his meow sounds more like a yowel heh. He’s a lot of fun and he’s a glitter too. I was really impatient while looking for kittens online and I was glad my dad found a breeder in my state who didn’t charge a fortune. On average bengals can cost anywhere from $600 to $2000 or more depending on the quality of the pattern. Mine was 13wks when I got him and he cost $450. He’s wonderful.

    5. LadyVanHelsing713 Says:

      Is it true that bengals LOVE water?

    6. GhettoSuperSy Says:

      kitty kisses! at 2:27 its soo adorble! 😀

    7. yakuzahi Says:

      @LadyVanHelsing713 Not really, our bengal don’t like water at all.

    8. AllQuils57 Says:

      @chichirinuriko20 wtf mine has BENGAL meow not a REGULAR cat meow you know nothing 😛

    9. chichirinuriko20 Says:

      @AllQuils57: But the chausie cat who is also a hybrid cat does not meow as far as I know of… SO most domestic cats do meow..

    10. gabeherb345 Says:

      @miauwnow OD

    11. fjortisarenotfint Says:

      hey you, rich much?

    12. tylo38 Says:

      my cat is a normal cat, but she hardly meows as well. she makes that little vibrating noise.

    13. heiresscouture Says:

      My bengal barely meows….

    14. TheGreatAvocado Says:

      wow, that cat is beautiful :s

    15. SmexMuffins Says:


    16. TheNeonKittyCat Says:

      I have a bengal mix kitten named Emma. I’m guessing her mom was a tabby and her dad was a bengal. 😛 She always wants to see what I’m doing and if I’m not there, she’ll meows until I come to her. She is EXTREMELY hyper but loves to snuggle when calm. Emma also makes the weird noise in the video, and is very adorable! :3

    17. 3greatgreyhounds3 Says:

      Gosh some of my kittens resemble the bengals…4 have really dark spots and lines on their bellies & faces…on my video they are not as bright & dark as in person…wow…cool video here…

    18. DaGeckoBro99 Says:

      How much do these cost?

    19. cutii909 Says:

      i half a half bengal kitten ((mom was a bengal cat and dad was a british shorthair)) she can get so hyper at times but is usually sleeping. my realtives have had a bengal cat and there cat used to leave a ‘wet dog smell.. and sometimes my kitten does that too. we wash her about 2 times a week and scrub the house down yet no difference, anyways when shes old enough to go out hopefully things will be much better =]

    20. cutii909 Says:

      @DaGeckoBro99 they can cost up to $300 – $400 depending on how they are bred

    21. 143cat Says:

      LOL in my country bengals are 500$!

    22. witex9494 Says:

      hmm interesting….my cat doesnt have the same fur pattern or whatsoever…but has the same distinctive “bark”, and meows very VEry rarelly….could my cat be a bengal or related ?? (i know one of these Stupid questions)

    23. KnotAlice Says:

      @chichirinuriko20 he said Bengals has a meow different than other breeds, of course a Bengal can meow lol.

    24. AshleyFade1 Says:

      Psh i’ll just get a toyger

    25. dream0clouds Says:

      Aww~ Now I want a Bengal cat. I have one Persian cat, which is adorable and my sister has a Tabby.

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