Cat Stole My Pants – funny CCTV of cat stealing items

Cat Stole My Pants – CCTV of Denis stealing household items compilation check me out on facebook/deniscatburglarnewman or twitter @deniscatburglar or homelesscatrescuebedfordshire.weebly.com Also please subscribe to my channel as the more of you who do the more money I could possibly raise for charity, and obviously the more views the more money. PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU LIKE IT

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    23 Responses to “Cat Stole My Pants – funny CCTV of cat stealing items”

    1. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      Way to go Patches, bet Patches? is small for his age?? Hey this is better than all the dead animals lol

    2. cornflakes002 Says:

      If you find a strange car in your drive then you know your cat has? gone to far

    3. gildacastrogiovanni Says:

      Lol they did party? 🙂

    4. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      oh? a Ferrari would be good

    5. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      oh? yeah 🙂

    6. 321Tdog Says:

      I was wondering where all my sponges went?

    7. Ihaveadreamart Says:

      2 bad he cant bring some real gold and diamonds….this kitty is? working so hard in bringing things in ..but nothing is valuable…..lol

    8. Ihaveadreamart Says:

      cats can have so many different characters and obsessions? …just like people……..

    9. MCJunkie9 Says:

      cant you make home videos of you? kitty playing now that he is getting a fan base. love to see kitty in hd

    10. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      good idea I will try and do that, thanks very? much and thanks for watching and hopefully sharing him

    11. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      oh do they!!! Thanks for watching? and hopefully subscribing and sharing, all will help us raise money for Homeless Cats x

    12. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      Oh I don’t know the Fred Perry T-Shirt must have cost a lot as were the pair of sandals he brought home lol Thanks for watching and hopefully subscribing and sharing, all will help? us raise money for Homeless? Cats x

    13. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      Hey if they are left lying they fair game lol Thanks for watching and hopefully subscribing and sharing, all will help? us raise money for Homeless? Cats x

    14. rob newman Says:

      This is so cool, and nice to think everytime we click? on view or share we are raising money to save animals from a life of hell thanks for sharing this

    15. surf1858 Says:


    16. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:


    17. sunny1985P Says:

      I DON’T UNDERSTAND HUMANS!?? When cat’s steal it’s ‘cute’ and ‘hilarious’. When us humans do it, it’s ‘criminal’ what’s that all about!?? We need justice and we? will PREVAIL!

    18. Kittylover443 Says:

      Luckily he din’t stole your? underwear, LOL

    19. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      mine are a bit too big for such? a small cat lol

    20. Jaymie Hayes Says:

      LOL… your cat is quite busy! I thought mine was bad! “The Dude” started stealing wash clothes out of the shower, hiding them around the house, within weeks after we removed him from a colony and adopted his? as the house cat he wanted to be! Aren’t they funny?

    21. ChaosEngel1992 Says:

      why does? she do this ? xD

    22. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      It’s a he and they say he is confused because his mum wasn’t? well enough to teach him what real prey was

    23. DenisCatBurglarNewma Says:

      Aren’t? they awesome, so your cat was confused too

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