Cat Stevens – Morning Has Broken – Live 1973

Cat Stevens sings “Morning Has Broken” on “ABC In Concert” – 11/09/73 Clips from same concert: Father & Son: www.youtube.com Wild World: www.youtube.com Morning Has Broken: www.youtube.com 18th Avenue: www.youtube.com Moonshadow/Teaser cartoon: www.youtube.com King Of Trees: www.youtube.com A Bad Penny www.youtube.com The Hurt: www.youtube.com The Foreigner Suite: www.youtube.com

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    25 Responses to “Cat Stevens – Morning Has Broken – Live 1973”

    1. AshAlmond Says:

      Please check out my cover version

    2. RaZZoR1100 Says:


    3. 44jhofmann Says:

      Much to my surprise this song is in our Church hymn book. When I first saw it there the first thing tat came out of my mouth was Cat Stevens,

    4. klafrie Says:

      We the world need you more than ever before.
      In times where it’s all about profit.
      I would like to be human, when morning has broken.

    5. Otispuss2 Says:

      I get misty eyed and break out in goose bumps when I hear this! The backup singers just put this over the top! If one looks at his face and body language, it’s obvious it’s a prayer straight form his beautiful heart. Simply beautiful! Thank you so much for posting!

    6. GreatPlaylist Says:

      Please write lyrics on this video music description…

    7. blueblink88 Says:

      @walshseant does it mean that? , wonderful meaning, thank you so so so much .

    8. 63sbu Says:

      Beautiful lyrics.

    9. GoshGus Says:

      It’s from the Church of England, Episcopalian and other hymnals, based on a traditional Scottish tune.

    10. kerryg715 Says:

      THE most beautiful version ever. Cat is so emotionally invested, background singers’ harmony is goosebump-giving, especially verse three. I am mesmerized. Thank you so much for posting and sharing with all of us.

    11. AUcrystalball Says:

      This hymn is so beautifully symbolic of the newness and freshness I experienced when I was born again in Spirit!!!!! I had discovered it once before I was renewed but what I felt then was nothing compared to the pure joy this time from listening closely to the lyrics that “Nellie” Farjeon wrote (famous for her children’s hymns and short stories). I just recently turned 20, so I know most who read this will write me of as crazy or even loathe me, but I do not want or need ur approval. God bless

    12. amusingmyslf Says:

      I remember this from my youth, good tune performed by Stevens.

    13. banerising Says:

      Beautiful song. Great job Cat. Yeah, I know you`re Yusaf or whatever, but you`ll always be Cat to me.

    14. jannerick2 Says:

      glad to be alive…

    15. egraaf10 Says:

      Cat Stevens, I danced to your music from the age of 4. And I love you now. This is the best version I’ve heard of this song. I don’t care what you are called now, I don’t care what people think about you. Ones you where all about music and it was true and from your heart, and i”ll always be grateful for that. Cause it made me the person I am today. Praise people singing together, praise music and every new morning. Praise every musician swimming into the stream of commerce.

    16. xena1154 Says:

      thank`s for this amazing wonderfull video- this song soo well- I think they pray- thank`s a lot (`v`)

    17. sugaball1 Says:

      I LOVE IT, i love it..God’s gift to the world, beautiful people who make beautiful music..

    18. rockloverdude Says:

      @Byrd801 preferably in the morning, haha

    19. Forensource Says:

      Groove on the afro of the guitar player.

    20. quirk65 Says:

      The original pianist was Rick Wakeman whose usual incredible twiddly bits are sadly completely missing here!!

      You can find Wakeman’s version on YouTube – I couldn’t work out how to post a link here, but it’s worth looking for/listening too.

      The Cat Stevens version of this song on iTunes download has both CS and Wakeman – again if you like the version in this video, it’s definitely worth a download!


    21. seppsters Says:

      He most recent interpretations are crap compared to these.

    22. sheilabelser Says:

      Oh how I have missed your words and songs and peace!!!!!!When your music stopped it was sadening and quite frankly I felt cheated your decision to leave and pursue your awakening and not share your beautiful music with me anymore. How selfish of me!!!!!! Yusuf THANK YOU for returning to me your music and love and light I LOVE YOU

    23. teuvalaanen Says:

      Beautiful song
      Greetings from Finland Tampere
      63years man

    24. Imayorkiemom Says:

      @sheilabelser This was and still is a great song!!!

    25. daniyellowjello Says:

      That piano riff at the begging is sooo good.

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