Cat spazzes out

Casey has an epic fail moment! Please subscribe for more cat videos and spread the word about this channel! cat spazzes out funny kitty pumpkin humor big cats trolling framed playing basketball lion cub cute halloween clicking talking meow fly epic fail lol Humour Kitten Noob “Kitty Pryde” Comedy Owned Kittens Ownage Win Fun Wildlife Laugh Joke Hilarious Jokes Laughs

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    23 Responses to “Cat spazzes out”

    1. IacinaMeira Says:

      Very good! Casey’s back!!

    2. SimsSeries14 Says:

      is she on catnip? xD

    3. Bloodskaal00 Says:

      Why cats do this with their mouths? Can anyone explain me?

    4. PaintedRoadkill Says:

      @Bloodskaal00 I have been told they are trying to imitate the birds/squirrels/ect of noises they make when they are not alarmed. Of course cats that have never actually hunted will still do this so I don’t know how likely it is to be true.

    5. DestinyRoxasSD Says:

      I don’t understand what happened at the end lmao

    6. TLLSpencer Says:

      I don’t think even the cats know why they make that sound…

    7. pinkpantherchik18 Says:

      (•_•) lmfao

    8. IHeartFoz321 Says:


    9. crimithan Says:


    10. shadowedscar Says:

      That was hilarious ..totally unexpected XD

    11. crayzilady Says:

      just like a cat!

    12. katperson88 Says:

      (- _ -) lol. thats my expression

    13. Denise091290 Says:

      0:40 LOOOOOOOOL!!!!

    14. princesspinkie1000 Says:

      That’s the Maine Coon coming out!!!!!!!

    15. Bloodskaal00 Says:

      @PaintedRoadkill Oh, thanks =D

    16. FGTO2013 Says:

      hahah crazy cat
      watch this dog spazze out to katy perry song California Girls
      type in

      “Dog Scared Of Katy Perry” in the search bar and enjoy! 🙂

    17. TheAurablaze Says:

      cats. how do they work?

    18. Megan80 Says:

      What happened to those two kittiens?

    19. ItsTheNabica Says:


    20. Lizlieisawesome Says:

      awwwww how cute. My cats would totally do this

    21. childofdarkness300 Says:

      @whiskerchild casey’s a boy

    22. Smooshe Says:

      by golly that right thur outta be the darn most beautiful pussy i done ever seen!

    23. JadedeaJade Says:

      lmao, casey jumping in the end is priceless.

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