Cat Shower 2 (Woody Style, very funny and cute) ?????????????2 A lot of other Woody`s video, please visit! ??????????????????????

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    25 Responses to “Cat Shower 2 (Woody Style, very funny and cute) ?????????????2”

    1. Racquellebk22 Says:

      never seen a cat do this before it’s quite cute : )

    2. minerwoody Says:

      woody is my cats name and he is ok with getting wet. he hates getting dried more than getting bathed. your cat is hilarious. i gonna subscribe.

    3. minerwoody Says:

      hilarious. my cats name is woody, he like water too. just hates towels/blow dryers. i learned this giving him a bath.

    4. Kaathii97 Says:

      soo sweet!.. 😀

    5. kkbgacker Says:

      He doesn’t even mind

    6. Serenamabob Says:

      I think you need to give your cat more water..maybe try a bowl next time! hehe xD

    7. barnonets2010 Says:

      it must be really hot inside ur house haha

    8. foreverclover11 Says:

      waste of water!!!

    9. sm00t95 Says:

      haha, cool cat xD

    10. enantiomer2000 Says:

      something just aint right with this cat…

    11. gracefulvintage Says:

      I hope that Woody and his Family are all safe from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

    12. monnakiko Says:


    13. KissingBubble Says:

      @Slash232 He’s probably use to seeing his cat do this.

    14. TheSeba1406 Says:

      my cat died :{ and i really miss her :/…..nice vid btw :p

    15. HolaKenty Says:

      My family and Woody/Safari (Cats) are Ok in Tokyo Japan. Thank you so much for caring us

    16. HolaKenty Says:

      My family and Woody/Safari (Cats) are Ok in Tokyo Japan. Thank you so much for caring us

    17. kiasuten Says:

      If that’s how your cat always drinks water, your water bill must be through the roof! haha

    18. alovelycat2N Says:

      I dont understand cat do what?Drink water or bath?

    19. hithgil Says:


    20. issyvoo2 Says:

      I’m sure you have a nice fresh bowl of water out for him too, right? Cats really like to make drinking a difficult procedure.

    21. MrDJMarmalade Says:



    22. kkbgacker Says:

      So cute

    23. gracefulvintage Says:

      @HolaKenty GOOD! We are so happy! Thank You For Responding!!!

    24. casualthug07 Says:

      Its funny cuz he’s asian

    25. SupaaaElviraij536 Says:


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