Cat scared from itself in the mirror

Cats are so scary that it can also get scared from itself either by seeing them in the mirror

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    24 Responses to “Cat scared from itself in the mirror”

    1. TheMetallicaMonster Says:

      @PunkStar6661 Scottish Fold.?

    2. TheMetallicaMonster Says:

      Is it just me, or is this the kitten from Kitten vs. 2 Scary Things??

    3. Chief11750 Says:

      I got here from Star Wars. How??

    4. AxlesV Says:

      Zajebiste zw?aszcza, ?e polskie bo s?ysza?em? g?osy. Czekam na kolejne :]

    5. maxxmann1972 Says:

      Very very very cute? cat.

    6. solidkingcobra Says:

      the cat and mirror cat has a gyrating magnet repelling and attracting it to each other.?

    7. triplocore Says:

      que gato tensso tio? ‘–‘

    8. gothfairysarah Says:

      cuteness? overload

    9. BEPfan1998 Says:

      mommy? she’s copying me!!

    10. dobbins2550 Says:

      I love cats for this very reason (ok, a? lot more reasons also), they are so weird and silly sometimes.

    11. inasuarez14 Says:


    12. Bionity Says:

      Not? easy to fight vs sharigan !

    13. Cristian Sanchez Says:

      That’s a good idea except fill the box with acids and watch the cat die. Then use his? bones to make a nice necklace 🙂

    14. veterandd214 Says:

      Tell me? that cats name was smokey!!!!

    15. miosworld Says:

      What’s that’s cat name please tell? me it was hiccup

    16. shanu manu Says:

      Its Name is Merlin

    17. TheTrueRae Says:

      This sent to me by my aunt! Oh I laughed this? is very good and funny. What a cute kitten. Thank you for sharing.

    18. martto14 Says:


    19. xAnonymousZtar Says:

      @zaihxww so right on that, this clip is amazing Oh Btw peeps are using this to get this? in mp3 ==> bit.ly/M3uicP?=cqpvj

    20. christian isaksen Says:

      I hope everything you find dear will die, and you will continue to live your miserable, sad? and pathetic life and hopefully learn a thing or two about discipline, behavior and compassion.

    21. sethbargo Says:


    22. AleksandrGermakov Says:

      Excellent video … funny? cat!

    23. bendybob4 Says:

      That looks like the cheezburger? cat

    24. legendarysannin65 Says:

      Cat’s and other animals? can’t distinguish between their reflection in the mirror and another animal. so they think it’s another animal (here another cat). it’s very confusing to them. if they see the back of the mirror and realize there’s no one there they are even more confused.

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