Cat Portrait

How to Draw Cats: Don’t. Hi, my name is Mary and I make pictures. My advice to anyone who wants to learn to draw is that you should practice drawing from real life. All you need is paper, a pencil and a willing subject. You can make your subject anything you like: apples, friends, plants, buildings…just avoid cats. LINKERY AND CLICKAGE Doodle Blog: www.marydoodles.com Deviant Art www.redeyeloon.deviantart.com Keeper of the beast Epic Lloyd www.youtube.com (Thanks for letting me steal your cat!) Music by: APM Music “My Big Poo Poo Problem”

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    24 Responses to “Cat Portrait”

    1. BedRoomConcert Says:

      like if nicepeter brought you here

    2. darkmorgh Says:

      Seriously people, stop getting a boner to people pretending knowing how to draw. This one is not very good, No perspective, no constructions, no thinking, drawing isn’t just holding a pencil and putting it on paper.

    3. xxtekimxx Says:

      wow impressive 🙂 nice art work

    4. eharesdxd Says:

      i have a russian blues too!!!!!!

    5. KrazyyCoreyy Says:

      KITTY- “You woke me up…for this?”

    6. jtpruzz Says:

      like if you brought yourself here.

    7. jtpruzz Says:

      @darkmorgh lets see you draw it.

    8. Flatonymous Says:

      @darkmorgh I think Marydoodles knows a lot more about artistic perspective than you do pal

    9. entei240p Says:

      so c00t

    10. Zaksfudgebox Says:

      cat wakes up, chick draws partial cat, then proceeds to torture cat, then reads the cat’s mind and writes what it thinks on the picture.

    11. BlackCoffin099 Says:

      Poor cat… What if he/she wants to go eat? or take a piss?

    12. iLoveYoutuveVideos Says:

      hold the spacebar for slow motion

    13. GariSerbia Says:

      yeah… nice, nice

    14. TheAwesomeCrafters Says:

      it’s funny how the cat doesn’t move until you start drawing

    15. darkmorgh Says:

      @Flatonymous Check out my blog I think you’d be less sarcastic. //clement-leroy.blogspot.com

    16. Smapss Says:

      Nice drawing:) and that cat is super awesome!

    17. Politicalboxers Says:

      Can you draw the Boxers?????

    18. Webba524 Says:

      @tjgnumber13 hahahaha

    19. pwdcj Says:

      Kill it, then it might sit still…. Much more useful now!

    20. TheUndergroundArts Says:

      this is fantastic.
      lol I love how that cat just loves to move.
      You can really feel the glare in the eyes of the drawing!

    21. TheCookingRodent Says:

      NEW! Watch “World’s Cutest Dog (Driving)” Its so cute!

    22. pussysailin Says:

      That looks mediocre

    23. Gluesticks203 Says:

      XD Bored cat is bored and does not understand why you keep putting him back

    24. TheNefariousMrHart Says:

      @marydoodles Heh, every artist I know has lousy handwriting. Great vid BTW.

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