cat opens freezer

This is why there’s a safety lock on our freezer door. Oscar learned to do this on his own. A 2nd video is up as well, Oscar opening closed doors too! Feel free to subscribe to the channel as I will continue to upload content frequently. Thanks for watching!

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    24 Responses to “cat opens freezer”

    1. KarmaKakes Says:


    2. TheYutubeCenaMan56 Says:

      Every cat can do something awesome. What can mine? do?

    3. murdermonkey Says:

      RWJ ruined “all” videos.? I fixed it for you.

    4. nismotonk Says:

      Tht Cat Needs Better Training ?

    5. faithbball44 Says:

      i would lock him in that freezer and have frozen cat for dinner.? No one touches my fish sticks. NO ONE!

    6. john smith Says:

      I bet the adsense for this paid for your house.?

    7. baloneyjazz Says:

      silly puddy?

    8. francovizstudios Says:

      Like A Boss?

    9. ma111ma11 Says:


    10. MagusFox Says:

      Was it just me? or did the Cat start paying attention as soon as the little girl mentioned the Freezer?

    11. ABU0101010 Says:

      ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ^_-

    12. sleephero92 Says:

      Ha! Thats awesome?

    13. CloverPuppy4047 Says:

      Cat: Woah! I need to learn how to? do that!

    14. oliveira13power Says:

      0:07 the? face of the cat when she said freezer ah ah ah

    15. jilliansuewolf Says:

      omg that is 1 talented kitty! i need to teach my pets how 2 do? THAT!

    16. lordviperscorpion69 Says:

      My cats are smart in a dumb sort of way. My furry son and daughter !!!?

    17. bilo30040 Says:


    18. Minda Krawitz Says:

      I’m just glad the cat’s paws weren’t frozen onto the freezer “floor”!? YOUCH!!!!!!

    19. Minda Krawitz Says:

      They still are!? I want one!

    20. Minda Krawitz Says:

      I? love those cat’s toes! LOLOLOL!!!!!!

    21. sashakitty28 Says:

      lol smart kitty.. and? funny too!!

    22. dman7714 Says:

      Hes been eating to much? catnip. Now hes got the munchies for some fish sticks.

    23. awesomeness3002 Says:

      wish? my cat could do this and eat all the green beans

    24. MrRainbowization Says:

      “Oh? I smellz something funny maybe if I climb it I can haz it OH S*** IT MOVES FALL BACK FALL BACK”

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