Cat House on the Kings

Introduction to this truly unique no-cage, no-kill cat & dog sanctuary in Parlier, California.

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    25 Responses to “Cat House on the Kings”

    1. ilovetortillas Says:

      this makes me so incredibly happy

    2. maltesediaries Says:

      44 people have no souls…

    3. rawfoodsretreat Says:

      Congratulations on getting your own show Lynea! You so deserve it! Here’s to you and all the cats (and dogs!) you have saved! Erin (we’ve talked through Mercola who did a story on you that I submitted ;)) XO

    4. croliquettte62 Says:

      bravo!!!!et merci pour eux ,annick

    5. ChantalMiss Says:

      Madame, vous êtes une sainte! On voit parfaitement qu’ils sont très bien soignés tous ces minous. Les chiens doivent se sentir un petit peu perdu. 😉
      Ah si tout le monde était comme vous, le monde serait tellement plus beau!

    6. SureFlap Says:

      Wow what an inspirational lady, and a wonderful way for cats to live before they find their forever homes.

    7. SaKiWhiGiNo Says:

      wow, a wonderful place and wonderful people!!!

    8. petlovergirll Says:

      I’ll be voting for you daily in the Shelter Challenge!! I wish I wasn’t a 5-hr plane ride away!! Thanks for what you do!!

    9. DErome12345 Says:

      Can I have one:))

    10. ShanniFox1 Says:

      Can I live here when I retire? Think they would take in a stray volunteer?

    11. okami419 Says:

      @ShanniFox1 I was just thinking the same thing.

    12. wearethemoovie Says:

      I need to live here.

    13. timsprincess93 Says:

      I love this lady!

    14. REDPROGATO Says:

      All my love and congrats!

    15. vincieful Says:

      everyone should try to have a heart ~of gold ~like lynette or at least understand all animals cats/dogs every kind of breed desreves a fair chance on this planet~

    16. xxPiikachu Says:

      I hope I get to volunteer here:D

    17. nm42763 Says:

      Someday I hope to visit Cat House on the Kings. What an incredible story, Lynea is truly an angel…. God bless you!

    18. erindebi Says:

      3:05-3:09 dog in backround is in paradise

    19. 240sexy4 Says:

      I get to visit in 9 Days, so excited!

    20. timdawesome Says:


      You’re so lucky, it’s my favourite place in the world. Please say hi from me when you get there!

    21. SeattleAnn1 Says:

      I adore what this woman is doing and how she is doing it. I actually began having the same dream a couple of years ago, however, I cannot yet afford it. I also want to learn enough vet stuff to take care of large numbers of cats and give them a lot of space to roam one day. She’s absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for taking care of these innocent darlings who are sometimes misunderstood and mistreated.

    22. kht29 Says:

      Thank you to this wonderful lovely lady. More people should be considerate of animals. You are very much appreciated by these wonderful animals, and many people.

    23. melisaartemis Says:

      Awesome place~ That is truly heaven for cats and dogs, more cats and dog compounds need to follow the example of this. Its really easy to see the animals are happy and comfortable there.

      There is no doubt in my mind that any of the cats or dogs adopted from that place would be at their best behavior, after all, there is no reason why they wouldn’t be with such love filled place

    24. sleec22 Says:

      Thank you for this existence of this wonderful place…if only many many more sanctuaries like this existed all around the globe!

    25. ford390 Says:

      Keep them there.

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