Cat Battles Toy Frog!

Aztec the cat challenges a noisy toy frog garden ornament, resulting in an epic battle. Copyright Catzmagick Productions 2011. Music c/o Kevin Macleod.

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    24 Responses to “Cat Battles Toy Frog!”

    1. YourDarkAccomplice Says:

      omg too funny! I love how it reacts the whole time to the noise and eventually gets scared. My lazy cat would’ve just gotten bored.

    2. SlvrStkr2 Says:

      He’s a beautiful cat.

    3. DerEchteBold Says:

      thank you for makin’ me really laugh

      great cat!

    4. TheIrony2013 Says:

      This seemed more an assault on a toy frog rather than a ‘battle’ to me. If only the frog could jump….

    5. stressedken Says:

      Now this was funny lol………..wonder how the frog feels now lol

    6. ChefThia Says:

      Your video is great!!! Maybe you should call it “How to torture your cat” – I needed the laugh, Thanks!!

    7. sweetloveelmo Says:


    8. 21wildman21 Says:

      @TheIrony2013 the frog attacks with a sharp noise,so it`s a battle ;D

    9. TaichiFromHell Says:

      was geht mit der cutze iksdeh

    10. BloodFleshAndBones Says:

      I like the part where the cat hit the frog with its paw.

    11. MidoriFan10 Says:

      I like how every time the frog croaks, the cat acts like it just got smacked in the face.

    12. kailanpancake Says:

      if the frog makes a noise when you touch it then it must suck when it rains

    13. redephelant Says:

      Frog: 1 Aztec : 0

    14. shogunofyellow Says:

      never go full retard

    15. jonpickersgill Says:

      ONE person is a frog

    16. 777shades Says:

      Obligatory dubstep remix in 3…2…1… kgo

    17. TheBash89 Says:

      I wanted the frog to jump.. but it never did 🙁

    18. fer95asd Says:

      Only the frog can dislike the video

    19. Randomlaugh09 Says:

      okay it would have even been better if the frog spit out water .. the cat would be all pissed then

    20. HappyFamilyPlan Says:

      utterly ridiculous and bizarre choice of music… but it somehow works in this insane video

    21. ifactu Says:

      TALKING cat being angry because of trolling.. check out my channel

    22. TheElCabronsito Says:

      I request a dubstep version, please!

    23. 01fey Says:

      @HappyFamilyPlan Not at all, it’s epic battle music from some kind of movie scene, I think it works well 🙂

    24. 2003Balint Says:

      nekem ez a macska kell

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