Cat and Dolphins playing together

Cat and Dolphin playing together. Theater of the Sea, a marine animal park in Islamorada, Florida in 1997. The dolphins are Shiloh and Thunder and the cat is Arthur. www.theaterofthesea.com

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    25 Responses to “Cat and Dolphins playing together”

    1. donnitass Says:

      90 persons are dogs

    2. Mr0Anonymous0 Says:

      I love how the Hipster-ness in people comes up at vids like this.

    3. Davincareymusic1 Says:

      this is very touching………………..

    4. paulichaprodz Says:

      omg!! they look so cute

    5. pikaseel Says:

      If I saw this in person, I’d die happy.

    6. pikaseel Says:

      If I saw this in person, I’d die happy.

    7. S1Umbro Says:


    8. goodcatdotcom Says:

      Thank you…. I needed this today.

    9. ChristaRN1 Says:

      To damn cute you have to love nature!

    10. Egekrusher Says:

      I don’t really like cats, but this kind of changed my mind. If a dolphin can tolerate a cat, then I guess I can too.

    11. Lara1408 Says:

      awwwwwwwwwww *__*

    12. subarubabe24 Says:

      This is sooo cool!

    13. xshadowpandax1991 Says:

      That’s so cute

    14. bunnyisradioactive Says:

      It’s amazing how the cat knows the dolphin is harmless…

    15. tescom1 Says:


    16. jensprincess Says:

      I would give all my money to experience that!! Animals are so awesome. Love the head butts!

    17. roteba1 Says:

      Wow! It seems everyone likes Cats and Dolphins… including Cats and Dolphins.

    18. gigi778186 Says:

      so cute 😀

    19. DarthAndrea32 Says:

      This Video made this weeks episode of =3 Congrats

    20. itscryttle Says:

      THAT was amazing!

    21. SeanGordonXRX Says:

      So awesome!

    22. mamawheaton Says:

      My two favorite animals, can nature get any better!

    23. Hottgrrrl2004 Says:


    24. TheMCaratti Says:

      sooooooooo cute !!! 🙂 🙂

    25. wingggmannn Says:


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