Cat And Dolphin Play Together


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    25 Responses to “Cat And Dolphin Play Together”

    1. HurburBurbur Says:

      Why can’t the little cat love the little fish… … oh sorry he does 😉

    2. evolution1UP Says:

      a big thing in their lifes…and so beautiful… 🙂

    3. biggestellenfan1010 Says:

      This facility was cited many times for the terrible conditions. The USDA documented it. They lost half their dolphin population in a few years’ span. Do a search for the USDA and this place and look up an article in the sun-sentinel which talks about the cats and the conditions this place was cited for. If you care about animals, you would not want to endorse this. Of course it is cute but there is a deeper danger here. All the animals in this video had very short lives.

    4. jehrising Says:

      dolphins are so creepy.

    5. engreidoxti Says:

      ummm you smell like my breakfast!

    6. david2020ml Says:

      No se dan cuenta de que el minino quiere darle trámite al pobre delfin…

    7. pipemen9 Says:

      Bella energía que tenemos en el infinito. Sugiero escuchar el audio: “El Jardinero y El Forastero.” Éxitos y recuperemos la energía del delfín interno que reposa en nosotros.

    8. divinelifez Says:

      @Beautifu1B1urr It’s not an opinion. Go out in nature and you’ll never see animals being friendly. The only time they even come close is when they have something to gain. It’s not even negative; what do you think ‘the circle of life’ is supposed to mean? If predators didn’t exist there would be nothing to keep herbivores in check. In fact, there exists no complex organism that doesn’t rely on killing another organism for subsistence. That IS nature

    9. walterbarahona Says:

      ese es mi gato jajaja , natalia muackis xD lindo verdad ole saludos venezuela desde lima peru

    10. bearishwearish Says:

      I want to be hanging out with these people!!!

    11. tami32961 Says:

      there are tons of documented cases of animals in the wild who have freindly encounters or relATIONSHIPS,, of course they have something to gain,, same as humans we have a buddy systym for our mutual gain also,,, hence the saying you scratch my back i’ll sc ratch yours

    12. LOLXDPUN Says:

      Imagine what would happen if… the cat fell into the water and left his/her owner for the dolphins.

    13. StupidThingsTV1 Says:

      Watch please: /watch?v=Rm4n1CfI8mw

    14. Beautifu1B1urr Says:

      @divinelifez Really? lol You’ve seriously taken this thing wayyy out of proportion and turned a simple comment into a science lesson.

    15. coyoteartist Says:

      ahhhhh the kitty headbonks the dolphin.

    16. coyoteartist Says:

      @divinelifez Dude, chill out. You can’t take one minute to watch something wonderful happen? And there have been and will be instances in nature of animals of different species getting along. Nature is more then just facts and subsistence.

    17. yangdeb Says:

      So cute

    18. MsPetroleum Says:


    19. SIMPLEman612 Says:


    20. Schwyndfst Says:

      So beautiful

    21. garysgreat Says:

      Dolphins are problem solving, large brained Animals, that can recognise themselves in a mirror. What are we doing still keeping these fantastic creatures in captivity?
      Still… I suppose they wont get hacked to death or caught up in some massive dredge net?

    22. kellandhow Says:

      Two words best explain why the cat is interested: “Fish Breath”, LOL

    23. divinelifez Says:

      @coyoteartist Really? Then I’d love to see an example.. And I think you need to look up the word subsistence.

    24. Guyll21 Says:

      @UsagiVeg So you know what makes dolphins happy? Get off the self-righteous PETA trip and enjoy the video. Sheesh.

    25. craigpaulmclean Says:

      The real irony is that later those dolphins were turned into cat food.

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