Cat Adopts Rabbit

Would the men please look away now – it’s a video about a cat adopting a teeny-weeny baby rabbit. Awwwww. Where else to find Diagonal View… FOLLOW us on Twitter: ow.ly or LIKE us on Facebook: ow.ly Cute, funny, weird and dangerous. Please don’t feed these Diagonal animals.. @ www.youtube.com

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    25 Responses to “Cat Adopts Rabbit”

    1. alexmvdrulezzz Says:

      this is a real internationalism))

    2. eImalomeIIeva Says:

      why people dislike this video what is wrong with them?

    3. LivDollxoxo Says:

      what kind of name is snaggle puss?!?!?

    4. HatterMadigan Says:

      Snaggle Puss is a name of a Hanna Barbara Cartoon Character.

      Snaggle Puss was a Pink Lion who had a catch phrase “Exit stage right, to the left even”

    5. 8ball0888 Says:

      That was nice of the mother cat

    6. Themanfromdk Says:

      I shed ONE manly tear.

    7. beckybrownn Says:

      maybe she was saving it for lunch.

    8. Takeshi357 Says:

      I’m sure they disliked this video because of the feedback noise at the end.

    9. namaikatiusernamea Says:

      @scottevill I donno maybe some one who thinks that in the wield the cat will not brestfeed the Rabbit but eat it to give milk to its kittens

    10. JanetFarawayAngell Says:

      OH god this is extremely cute,hehehe!!!

    11. peaceloveeselena Says:

      @scottevill theyre probably jealous

    12. critic1046 Says:

      thats lunch for my cat

    13. filmlover0101 Says:

      What kind of name is Snaggle Puss?…0_o

    14. hto1971 Says:

      that cute

    15. GIRKO3441 Says:

      Lol at 0:01 the baby rabbit gets behind the cat and the cat goes ‘WHERED HE GO!!!!????’

    16. ERICKSKIE23 Says:

      Looney Tunes Comeback movie?

    17. ERICKSKIE23 Says:


    18. Jordan23and24 Says:

      @ERICKSKIE23 Lol nice joke I wish I put it down lol 🙂

    19. jbwjessica101 Says:


    20. gabriellesgirl Says:

      How could anyone dislike this? Baffling.

    21. KittehKatification Says:

      What is wrong with you people! 347 DISlikes?! ITS KITTENS AND A BUNNY, YOU HAVE ISSUES IF YOU HATE THAT. I am done… lol

    22. DamiGonzz21 Says:

      go check out my rabbit video on my channel plz!:)

    23. Yull67 Says:

      ??????? ????))

    24. diane189444 Says:

      Animals are Love they love so deep and there souls are stronger than humans. A wonderful video thank you for sharing. Precious 🙂

    25. NumberSe7enCha Says:

      cute baby dutch rabbit! is it a mix? it looks like it might have some dwarf in it? found out by the ears/ yeah im a dork for knowing this much lol 😛

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