Broccoli Kitten LOVES Broccoli!

Broccoli Kitten, Captain Pugwash, enjoys the, um, broccoli. Thanks to kimberlyjennery for the video. Original is at:

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    25 Responses to “Broccoli Kitten LOVES Broccoli!”

    1. devourment8800 Says:

      nice.? what time is it right now in backwards land?

    2. msmarcia777 Says:

      This kitten is adorable, I wish my cat? likes vegies. 🙂

    3. RavenxTempest Says:

      ok to all the idiots flipping out about giving the cat veggies, some LIKE them. I have 3 cats, one of? which yes, likes anything green and leafy.

    4. covingtonnessa Says:

      lol? mine like corn and teddy grams

    5. Honeycombones Says:

      I want one of? these! The cute kitty, not the broccoli!

    6. breanna foster Says:

      AWSOMELY cute?

    7. Umhors Says:

      Awwww! Cats, what’s? not to love?!

    8. stelin alee Says:

      haha that kitten is like a tiny panda !!! <3?

    9. KustomFu Says:

      I think there’s something wrng? with my broccoli

    10. TheOwlcatGirl Says:

      you can totally yoddle that? cat!!!

    11. JayGrrl Says:

      Even though they can’t get nutrients out of it. Some kittens like to play with greens of any kind, this is not animal abuse and the? kitten really loves her broccoli toy xD

    12. LionKingNala22 Says:

      its? a vegitarian.

    13. IKGLER93 Says:


    14. Lauram1601 Says:

      leave mah to eatz my broccolah? in peace

    15. Nogginofcheddar1 Says:

      “Did you see me with the geckos?” (self-absorbed woman in background wanting all? the attention)
      “Yes I did” (other woman in background humouring her and sounding really bored)

    16. MutantUnderground Says:

      lol awesome. looks like that cat? that I use to have.

    17. Trirock79 Says:

      hahaha ?

    18. DropTheHammer556 Says:

      How sad is it that in America,? our pets eat healthier than most of us do…

      Above comment notwithstanding….

    19. DasFengster Says:

      he sounds like? a rewinding tape.

    20. ChefKayla Says:

      my grandmother had a cat that would fight you for lettuce, she had to lock it out of the kitchen just so she? could make salad.

      either way adorable and funny.

    21. peninjagames Says:

      Good for? AFV

    22. SimsLyoko Says:

      can u Eat mine please??

    23. Lisa Sc Says:

      Hi, I’m one of your subscribers. I’m hoping you’ll approve my? “Precious Kittens” video response.

    24. angieblock38 Says:

      Ahhh? that’s cute

    25. SarahLee1 Says:

      Cutest thing ever!!!!?

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