Bird Bullies Cat EPIC FAIL!!! w/YouTube Editor

I saw the bird picking on the cat this morning. So I turned on the camera…. Question for you: Was this bird cruelty or did the bird get what he deserved? You decide…. Please leave a comment & rate by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down. I created this video at www.youtube.com The background music I used is called “Ragtime Raggles Part 1” by Helen Jane Long according to the info on the YouTube Editor. =3 RWJ Rules

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    23 Responses to “Bird Bullies Cat EPIC FAIL!!! w/YouTube Editor”

    1. PS3TheBeastWithin Says:

      Ya cats r beast mode

    2. hellraidzor Says:

      omg that cat literally flew

    3. nixtux2003 Says:

      I’m surprised at the cats patients. My cats would’ve have 86/x that bird before it got 2ft off the ground. Birds and bugs beware … lol

    4. Andyman3k Says:


    5. jurg62 Says:

      surves him right, bitch bird

    6. whostolemydamnhotdog Says:

      holy fuqq.. NINJAHH KITTEH!

    7. littleblossom12 Says:

      lolz xD good kitty

    8. TheTudiscoKid Says:

      @blazevenom100 of course it is protecting its nest, it probably just isn’t within the camera’s view. a bird won’t randomly try to annoy a cat just for the heck of it. ever heard of anthropomorphism???

    9. elliot019 Says:

      Gotcha Bitch…Mmhhmmm dinner time.

    10. ssloansjca Says:

      Cat 1, Bird 0.

    11. TheJasont24 Says:


    12. GimblePike Says:

      why did she let the cat eat the bird the girl filming this is eaveil

    13. Pranav2cu Says:

      It seems funny but actually the bird was protecting her nest from the cat…bad luck…I know this bcoz I was also attacked by a bird…she attacked my eyes, then I realized she’s actually protecting her nest

    14. zchach92 Says:

      that cat has mad hops

    15. LegendaryLunchbox Says:

      People getting upset need to get it through their heads that cats aren’t just cuddly, funny animals that do cute things in YouTube videos. They’re hunters. The cat is a predator, and the bird is prey – the bird was tempting fate, and nature took over. Mother nature is a ruthless bitch. :p

    16. MrRio113 Says:

      ??? ?????????)

    17. Kakashisd Says:


      that´s why cats are > than dogs :D[2]

    18. Kakashisd Says:

      Cat hunts snake:


    19. ferrariguy25 Says:

      0:58 Cat: “Another day in the animal kingdom, b****!”

      Walks out, like a boss…

    20. EMILISCUTE Says:

      the bird got freakin owned!!!!!!XD

    21. PlebScrubber Says:

      @Muffin2it the bird is not bullying the cat, its trying to drive away a predator that will kill them…

      cats are introduced to an ecosystem that cant handle them and wipe out all the native birds and small mammels, plus get the protection of humans
      lock your cat up at night, or its fair game for car car tyres

    22. tommytittle1992 Says:

      For some reason i thought halfway threw this ‘pokemon music wud fit nicely’

    23. Muffin2it Says:

      @PlebScrubber I never said the bird was bullying the cat. I just said that when birds chased my cat, she would go hide under the car for hours at a time. I kept reading the rules of being an effective cat to her, but she would not come out from under the car. Chill out.

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