BIG CATS vs Laser Pointers!

Q: Do Tigers, Leopards & Lions chase laser pointers like domestic cats? Big Cat Rescue decided to find out! … Do BIG CATS like catnip?? Check out the video! www.youtube.com Formore info about BIG CAT RESCUE visit: www.bigcatrescue.org Find us on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com MYSPACE: www.myspace.com TWITTER: twitter.com DONATE: bigcatrescue.com THANK YOU! If you text TIGER to 20222 *A one-time donation of will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Standard messaging/data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of the Big Cat Rescue by the Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms found at www.mobilecommons.com You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to short code 20222; HELP to 20222 for help.

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    25 Responses to “BIG CATS vs Laser Pointers!”

    1. asshol3434 Says:

      hahaha biger the cat how smarter they are lolz

    2. hishippiegirl Says:

      that one tiger looked p***d of lol. I think he wanted to play with you not the laser

    3. Ninjalectual Says:

      @kassel188 “Not that kind of laser” LOL

    4. Ninjalectual Says:

      @tweaker1bms Cat’s don’t think logically. They hunt in instinct; when something moves in a way that triggers that instinct, they HAVE TO attack! They can’t not attack. In fact sometimes you’ll play with a cat that does not want to play, but can’t help it! Like, “I want to leave, but I have to keep batting at this thing!”

    5. Ninjalectual Says:

      @kassel188 Ha! I guess we can’t prove it either way, but there is plenty of evidence leading us to believe this is not the case.

    6. TheBestKingSniper Says:

      @BigCatRescue what is stronger lion or tiger

    7. tweaker1bms Says:

      @Ninjalectual Hmmm, somewhat skeptical, but only in matters of precise accuracy of that statement. Never really seen it myself. Like with string seen a few cats simply not be into it, particularly the older ones though if that means anything. Perhaps I’m just akin to attributing to them some free will 😛

    8. Ninjalectual Says:

      @tweaker1bms There is actually a study (you can probably find it if you search, it was in a college textbook of mine) that found that cats will “hunt” something like a mouse that moves in front of them, even if they are currently eating a meal! They will stop eating to hunt! That is a pretty strong indicator that the are not making a conscious choice, that they do not hunt because they are hungry, they hunt purely on instinct because they can’t help it!

    9. SisterSkift Says:

      These cats must be the happiest cats ever. So many fun things to do!

    10. wristofkings Says:

      As adorable as this vid is, 0:20 is a little creepy. Seeing a set of big cat eyes staring at me in the dark would make me piss myself. Even if the tiger/lion/cougar/leopard just wants to “play” I’m glad that cage is there, haha.

    11. LoveWalker88209 Says:

      I love it!!!!! lol. cats just can’t resist!

    12. Lightblinder Says:

      @BigCatRescue NOOOO!!! NOT FRECKLES!!! I liked her so much!! ;-(

    13. tweaker1bms Says:

      @Ninjalectual I dunno if that could be the only conclusion possible though…one way to help think of other options is ask why we humans might do the same thing. Some other possibilities I could think of could be just cause it so damn fun for them (they do seem to get a greater kick out of it than we do…), or the ingrained survivalist thinking of get as much as you can now cause there may not be anything for a long time (forgetting us humans are there to refill the bowl). but eh, is cute 🙂

    14. tweaker1bms Says:

      @Ninjalectual I just like to think there’s some thought process going on, more than just reflexes. That’s the main thing for me I think…

    15. dontlookatme011197 Says:

      so u guys rescue big cats? COOL! i want that job when i grow up!

    16. Vanja997 Says:

      the best part was at 2:59

    17. zomj Says:

      I figured the smaller of the big cats (like the bob cats and servals would go after it. Wasn’t surprise when the big big cats didn’t care. Cute clip though 🙂

    18. TigerClaws12894 Says:

      LOL @ those “I don’t give a F***” cats

    19. Swinger2006 Says:

      2:27 “Knock it off, BIPED!”

    20. SkyPodish Says:

      Could you try and make them lestin to music To see what their reaction is to different genres? Are cats Friendly with big cats or not?

    21. magpieeye Says:

      I noticed the “smaller” of the wild cats seemed more interested than the larger, like the lions and tigers. It would have been awesome to see the lion or tiger playing like the smaller cats did.

    22. JaeNice13 Says:

      Purrsonality was determined haha

    23. BigCatRescue Says:

      @SkyPodish We’ve had that suggestion before and may experiment in the future 🙂 We used to have several domestic cats that lived on the property and on the tour path and neither big cats or domestic cats were bothered with each other, they now live inside because they’re old 🙂

    24. croburke Says:

      are the little cats really clamed as big cats because i know there wild cats but aren’t as big as you know the loin,tiger,puma and etc.

    25. BigCatRescue Says:

      @croburke Lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars are “greater cats” all other species are classed as “lesser cats”, the term “big cat” is just a general on used for all wild species of cats 🙂

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