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    25 Responses to “BIG CAT RAP!!”

    1. MrAlvarocastillo Says:

      Great video and so many beautiful cats.

    2. vivvee Says:

      AWESOME!! LOVE IT — Sent From BigCatRescue’s AppRats (Facebook App)!

    3. dafool98 Says:

      hehe lol 0:38 = chewbacca

    4. bryce13larkin Says:


    5. malow87 Says:

      Lions kind of have a *C’mere and I kick your sorry ass*-voice

    6. BigCatRescue Says:

      @1t2t3t4t5t6t7 That’s funny, didn’t see that, lots of “dancing cats”

    7. dariuscp Says:

      How can i find,this music?…please…

    8. Baba1Yaga Says:

      it’s sad really… all of them are in cages :S

    9. TheSkullcrusher73 Says:

      1:49 most awesome roar ever

    10. IBroLLyISePhIrOtH Says:

      cool video and cute — Sent From BigCatRescue’s AppRats (Facebook App)!

    11. BigCatRescue Says:

      @Baba1Yaga We agree, but without us they would be in far worse situations or dead, our ultimate goal is to put ourselves out of “business”

    12. Catnip11147 Says:

      P=Kitty’s in da hizouse!

    13. helema23 Says:

      @TheSkullcrusher73 i agrere and he gets louder too!! just watch the roaqring vids!!

    14. brooklynlulu Says:

      Absolutely lovely creatures and awesome rescue people 🙂

    15. BrookeCPhotography Says:

      0:54 to 0:56 It sounds like he’s saying “angry bird” LOL

    16. CrrpgLover Says:

      that’s a great thing, doing this job is really nice by saving the nature, I love you guys..!!

    17. jikkehond Says:

      Great Rap of all your animals. I hope my dauhgter has time to visit you now she has holiday in Orlando. ??Jeannette??

    18. ladymomofreak Says:


    19. CresentMoonFace Says:

      17 people dont own a rapping Big Cat!

    20. GingaFan422 Says:

      the ocelots sound so funny! lol

    21. AsharaWhitepaws Says:

      funniest thing I have ever heard.

    22. CommissarKozlov Says:

      @Baba1Yaga The cats are perfectly happy. They wouldn’t survive out in the wild. They’d starve or get killed by other big cats.

    23. CommissarKozlov Says:

      @clborg88 Lol this is ALOT better than Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne.

    24. VeroniqueEmbrace Says:

      um really?

    25. stillooking9696 Says:

      I suppose there are many things I could say… BEAUTIFUL ! to see these babies protected from hunters.

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