Attack of the stray cat!

Sassy locates a stray cat enjoying a meal outside… Subscribe to our channel for more great cat videos!!! Tags: funny cat cats kitten kitty cute kitteh stray attack fight playing fighting attacks battle dog pet epic bite scratch meow comedy mean new home boss like hippo ballet toy frog sings smart grumpy mishka

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    24 Responses to “Attack of the stray cat!”

    1. mbofny Says:

      Kitty don’t like company when woofing down food!!!

    2. nerddgirl713 Says:

      @WaterJug10 Oh, okay thanks :-).

    3. smoke10108 Says:

      House cat: Get out of here you dirty outdoor cat!
      Out side cat: WTF??
      House cat: We don’t need your kind around my house, this is for clean HOUSE CATS
      Outside cat: F UCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. signboyy Says:

      i guess that cat considers it rude to watch him eat

    5. AxExG Says:

      God, I was thinking “Aww.. look sharing is caring!!” then I bloody jumped out my skin when it jumped at the window xD

    6. 101cheesewiz Says:

      omg i thought the door was open

    7. chengda85 Says:

      why is Mishka in the tags lol

    8. playerofrock04 Says:


    9. Heatronsteel Says:

      @rosie2900 thats my cat no lie

    10. FirstTownVideos Says:

      @rosie2900 Now, why would the person adopt it? The stray and the original pet would be fighting all day long…

    11. Tactual Says:

      She located that cat lol

    12. thePavuk Says:

      She is too cute to be stray 🙁

    13. thePavuk Says:

      @FirstTownVideos Dissagree. I have two stray cats and my sister two stray and one homecat. No fighting.

    14. rosie2900 Says:

      @Heatronsteel is your cat.. well is beautiful

    15. Loen210 Says:

      Thanks for what you do. With love for cats and appreciation to you.

    16. halfmumi Says:

      scared the hell out of me

    17. EmmaAnime96 Says:

      @FirstTownVideos Dissagree. My dog is fully aware that I have a stray cat on the porch and doesn’t care

    18. RoXy70Pup Says:

      @halfmumi i know! same here :O

    19. silpudog80 Says:

      Falcon PUNCH!

    20. ForeverEmunah Says:

      @FirstTownVideos Disagree. Disagree Disagree Disagree.

      I Disagree so much that I have to type Disagree and make sure it’s the very beggining of the sentence, like the others.


      I Disagree.

      Okay, ’nuff of that. 🙂

    21. ForeverEmunah Says:

      @FirstTownVideos I know. I was doing a satire of the other two.

      Chill. 🙂

    22. ExhumingExodus Says:

      I jumped lol so unexpected

    23. 101skypegirl Says:

      Wow I jump out my chair I get so scared

    24. yoshikitana Says:

      wow that was scary this stray cat should watch himself, he’s against two sneaky spider killers creeps

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