???????????????-Many too small boxes and Maru.-

???????????????????????????When Maru found a smaller box, do you think that he gives up entering?

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    22 Responses to “???????????????-Many too small boxes and Maru.-”

    1. ??? ??? Says:


    2. claudia lanchipa Says:

      jajajajajja pobre gato?

    3. UkehuntSir Says:

      2:25 was? bloody hilarious

    4. EllexStripe Says:

      what would he do if you put him in a room full? of boxes?

    5. HaiAbbyBear Says:

      if it? fits, it sits

    6. charqui101 Says:

      challenge? acepted

    7. egibsss Says:

      Maru is the? cutest cat ever! such a personality!

    8. Lambpika Says:

      Maru “… did I get bigger?”
      Lol? so cute

    9. tomcat14ism Says:

      Perseverance, maru? deserves an award!

    10. Akira416 Says:

      He’s? adorable!!

    11. KarinaMKarlsson Says:

      You’re? my favourite star Maru – I could watch your movies all day long!!! xxx

    12. MrMyghtyThor Says:


    13. SkyexPilot Says:

      thank you, at least most people get it and have a sense of humor :)?

    14. wildthornrose Says:

      Boxes:? 0
      Maru: 1

    15. bassboi2001 Says:

      Awesome? cat

    16. izharisra Says:

      is he? scottish fold?

    17. SashaoftheHiddenleaf Says:

      cutest? kittly ever

    18. noluckwithgirls Says:


    19. Beccabear08 Says:

      2:17 my two favourite asian things:? miffy and maru 😀

    20. SilverFox9221 Says:

      lol? XD

    21. SilverFox9221 Says:

      AWW? come on kitty your to big for the boxes ^.^ cutest thing I ever saw

    22. strangepickles Says:

      ? i don’t fit, but i still sits

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