Which tree smells like cat urine?

I’m looking to buy a lot of trees to make a privacy hedge. I’m leaning toward Emerald Green Arborvitaes. Every time I go to price them I notice a group of trees that smells like urine but I can’ t tell which one. Is it the arborvitaes, junipers or leland cyphess?

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5 Responses to “Which tree smells like cat urine?”

  1. aikenchic Says:

    Hemlock, which is an evergreen. The odor is strong. Hemlock is not a hedge. It is a tree that has kinda droopy limbs with short dark green needles much like a fir.

  2. shawdyy badd Says:

    whatever ones they piss on

  3. Suzannah Says:

    I think Nandina smells like urine. It’s the evergreen you see that looks similar to bamboo leaves, and has red berries in the fall/winter. It’s pretty, but it stinks! Nandina would probably be located at the nursery near the arborvitaes and other hedges.

  4. grateful Says:

    boxwood I Think
    I have them outside in front of my house, they stink.

  5. sealife8 Says:

    actually I think those would be the yew.

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