What should i buy my 6 cats for christmas?

it seems i have bought all my daughters gifts and spent 600 dollers on her and shes only 1yrs old but totally cant think of anything to get my 6 other babies..if it helps to let u kno i have 5 active boys and 1 mumma cat..mumma cat is 4yrs old and not very active and 4 boys are 1yrs old and my baby boy is 4 months old..please give me some cool gift ideas..FYI i have 100 dollers to spend on them so maybe u can help pick gifts in that price range…they have many beds some heated beds some not..they have 3 elabrate cat trees that theyre not intrested in the least in..except the baby who loves the trees…hope yall can help and merry christmas and happy new year to yall! and your fur babies also!

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    7 Responses to “What should i buy my 6 cats for christmas?”

    1. Rachel Says:

      i would shop at Doctors Foster and Smith. they have everything there. ^_^ Just go to and look around. here are some things you could get them

      a new cat dish $4.00 – $37.99
      a cat scrath pad $5.00 – $ 9.00
      cat collar $3.00 – $7.00
      edible cat grass $3.00 – $10.00
      cat treats $3.99 – $17.99
      cat water fountion $27.00 – $54.00

      there is tons of toys there too.

    2. mai-kee Says:

      buy them mice or if not 6 dogs so they can play tag

    3. Karen B Says:

      I have a 1 cat and 1 dog, i find the pet stockings are always good.
      in the dog stocking it has dog treats and toys
      in the cat stocking it has cat treats and toys
      they are relitive cheap and are a big hit. Otherwise i would recomend taking them to a high class doggy boutique (cats aswell) (my pets get both every year) i hope its helped u out and a merry christmas to you aswell.

    4. kgirl Says:

      buy them some a few cat tents that you can get at pet stores. my cat loves hers!..or a crinkle hat they can run in an play around. Or new scraching posts..cats always love those things. Or a whole slew of new toys..cats like to have differnt things to "attack"…Go to a pet store and look around for new ideas. There are always great things to find.

    5. ocelot42001 Says:

      don’t buy them treats because that’s the same as getting your children chips.get something like a scratching board or some remote controlled mice.

    6. patti duke Says:

      Know what, forget the 100 bucks…go get a couple of cardboard boxes (decorate them if you must) and a few paper grocery bags. Set them up for them and watch them have fun.

    7. Nicole F Says:

      Buy them a pack of dried fish or liver treats or a remote controlled mouse or a mouse that is on a stick or one of those things where there’s a Garfield or something with a toy attached to his head.

      Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your cats =)

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