What is the best route for keeping a cat out of the Christmas tree?

I had one cat that really didn’t care but neighbors are having a time with theirs.
Any hints?

Cats just gotta play, play, play

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    27 Responses to “What is the best route for keeping a cat out of the Christmas tree?”

    1. Poppy Says:

      One Christmas eve I went to my daughter’s house to see my granddaughters. They had a new kitten and wanted me to see it. Well, they could not find it anywhere so after a long time searching and calling they gave up. Right before I left I walked over to the Christmas tree to hang a special ornament and lo and behold there was that tiny kitten sleeping away on a branch. It was the sweetest thing. My daughter got the camera and took its picture. Your question brought back that sweet memory. Poppy

    2. Adam Says:

      Uh keep the cat out of the room that the christmas tree is placed in would help.

    3. Peachy Keen! Says:

      I just read somewhere that by putting pepper on the tree helps. But that may keep you and the cat away from the tree :/

    4. winterwonderland Says:

      We just got two cats in October, and I’ve decided not to put up a Christmas tree this year. Problem solved!

    5. beth Says:

      Oranges and lemons. Cats hate citrus.

    6. john Says:

      One of my contacts on the pet section had a brilliant suggestion.Set the vacuum cleaner next to the tree.

    7. Aidan Lawrence Says:

      pepper spray and bitter apple bombs! 😀

    8. Malachi Brainwidth Says:

      Never had any luck that way. Cats do what cats want around here. I ended up lashing it to the ceiling to keep them from tipping it. After I stopped telling them to leave it alone they got bored.

    9. Patti Says:

      My cat pulled the tree over more than 30 years ago and I bought a package of jingle bells and tied them with red ribbons to the branches. When I heard those bells jingle, I sprayed the cat with a bottle of water. A couple times of that was enough to know that NO means NO. Those same bells came in handy when my daughter was toddling around grabbing the ornaments. She knew when I heard the bells that I would hear what she was doing. When she got old enough for a little pair of sneakers I took those same bells and strung her shoelaces through them, I could hear every step she took and knew when they stopped jingling she was into something…..

    10. Steiner Says:

      Time to bring in the Rottie!

    11. Joanne A. Says:

      Good luck!

    12. Patricia Says:

      I had that problem last year…got my tree up and spent the first week chasing the cats away. This year I had a kitchen fire in October and my nerves just could not take dealing with the cats and a tree, soooooooo I got an artificial tree and it works great. They took a look at it, chewed on the tips a little then decided it was not fun like the real tree was. Now it’s all good, they just like to sit under it.

    13. Coop 366 Says:

      Luckily I have a small tree so I have it on top of some shelving. My nephew’s cat does not like plastic bags so he hangs them from the bottom of the tree. Another person had trouble with her cats so hung the tree from the ceiling?

    14. Nan's cat Tigger Says:

      Keep the dangely things out of it
      Don’t put one up
      Put it on the other side of the window
      Let the cats grow up, next year will be better…

    15. Roxie Says:

      Cement booties work better than anything. 😉

      Seriously, we use a spray bottle with water. If my grandson wasn’t coming I wouldn’t have the tree up as our Roxie is too much of a kitten herself. Basically, we have safe ornaments on the tree and don’t leave it plugged in when she’s around and we can’t watch her. Also don’t have ornaments on the lower branches to tease her or the dogs.

      We did think of putting ornaments on her tall kitty post and using that as the tree <smiling>

    16. Shortstuff13 Says:

      Pet Smart stores sell "Bitter Apple" in a spray bottle. It can be sprayed on all surfaces in order to keep cats away. It can be sprayed on Christmas trees, real or artificial. Cats don’t like the bitter smell of this spray. It will not make the cat sick but it’s pungent odor will keep the cat away from the Christmas tree. >^-^<

    17. sutra Says:

      I don’t even bother to hang anything from the bottom foot or so of my tree. But I have found that they usually get bored with it after a couple of days anyway. And for goodness sake, don’t use tinsel. Cats will swallow anything. And there’s nothing like having people over and your cat runs through the room with tinsel hanging out of his butt !

    18. Whortleberry Says:

      It’s too long to repeat here, but there is a really good article on exactly that subject at DearTabbyTheAnswerCat.com. Helpful!

    19. DeeJay Says:

      Cute. Just like a cat.
      When we first married – we had a Siamese cat. She loved to climb our fresh cut long needle pine.

      She tipped it over several times. My husband tied leather boot shoe laces together. He wrapped the laces around the trunk and attached each end of the lace to the wall on each side.

      We left the lights and took off breakable ornaments.

      She loved to climb. We once had to call the fire department – to help her down from a very tall tree – in the neighbors yard. She climbed so high – she scared her self and couldn’t find a way to get down.

      You can’t win for losing – cats demolish the tree – dogs think the presents are for them. LOL

    20. Cap.n1Eye Says:

      Hartz has a deterrent spray called ‘NO!’ for training pets to stay off of furniture.

    21. George Says:

      pepper it is not cruel

    22. Frosty Says:

      Give up! There is no way you will keep the cat out of the tree. They will do what they want to do and you have no chance of stopping them. 🙂

    23. adam h Says:

      put the tree in a certain room and dont let the cat into it!

    24. old fart Says:

      Take it to the shelter.

    25. Malcom Says:

      Maybe a stuffed dog would work. Nice that you have my favorite avatar again. It reminds me of one of my daughters.

    26. sophieb Says:

      when my cats were young they were playful but if I let them eat all they want they grow up to be fat and sassy and too heavy to even get up on the window sills so no tree problem. These days though buying a tree plant (thin but green and bendable stock) will keep them from climbing. Also if you dokn’t put too many decorations on a real or fake tree then they might not be attracted to the tree. These days I’m a senior so I string my christmas cards and attach them to the wall and have construction paper trees or wall items or bells that are not within my cat’s reach. I would imagine wreaths on doors and lights strung and attached to the door frame or fireplace would be ok too.

    27. jst4pat Says:

      We put unbreakable ornaments on the tree..I would rather pick up a few ornaments than scold 2 curious young cats..last year we got them from the humane society just before Christmas and they spent the next 2 or 3 weeks under the bed..so my tree was safe..this year is another story..

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