My cat is still stuck up a tree?

I posted earlier that my cat was stuck up a tree. The fire department can’t help. It’s almost 9pm and it’s dark out. I don’t know what to do. Should I just let him come down on his own? But I don’t want to leave him up there all night because of other animals that could be around. What should I do?
I’ve tried cat treats, cat food, and tuna. Nothing is working. He is at least 30 feet or more up the tree. A ladder would do no good even if I had one.

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    4 Responses to “My cat is still stuck up a tree?”

    1. Quagmire Says:

      try shaking a box of cat treats to try lure him in. works on my cat a treat 🙂

    2. CutiePie Says:

      Try shaking a bag of food and whistleing and calling his name. Maybe get a ladder to get him, but i wouldnt leave him outside alone… maybe camp beside him/her?

      Hope he/she gets down ok 🙂

    3. R P Cat Says:

      Get the garden hose and turn on the water and squirt the cat it will come down. I have used this as a last option to getting a cat out of the tree. They don’t like it but it does work.

      R P CAT

    4. Grgl Frgl Says:

      the fire department can’t help!? vaaaaaaaaaaat


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