Catnip and cat tree for my kitten?

Okay so my family and I made a cat tree for my my 21 week old kitten but he really won’t use it unless we put him on it and even then he jumps off. We tried to put catnip on there for him but he doesn’t even seem to be affected by it. Is there some way to make him use this more and is he to young to be into catnip?
Thanks 🙂

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    2 Responses to “Catnip and cat tree for my kitten?”

    1. tammy g Says:

      I really dont think there a certain age for using catnip, although your kitten may enjoy it more the older he gets.
      Right now hes to interested in playing and being curious.
      About the cat tree, they usually go crazy on those things, you might try coaxing him up there by dragging a string or something like that up it, so he will follow it up the tree… or maybe get him a playmate…lol … two kittys are better then one anyway!.:o)

    2. 18gibbs20 Says:

      I built a cat tree for our two kittens when they were very young. They flew to the thing and would playfully fight for the top spot. Then they would both be up there watching things. A year later they’re still using it. I built it big for growth. What I did was tack pieces of string in different places for them to play with. I also tossed or placed their toy mice and balls on there for them to find and throw off.

      Regarding the catnip, my cats go nuts for it but remember all cats are different. Mine do like catnip but can’t stand tuna fish. Have you ever heard of a cat that doesn’t like tuna? I haven’t. All my other cats went nuts for it but these two guys can’t stand the stuff.

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