Why does my cat put her favorite toys in her water dish?

She also puts stuff in there that I may have accidently dropped on the floor like, paper, q-tips, ect… The water dish is changed twice a day and I have never seen her do it.

Thank you:-)

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6 Responses to “Why does my cat put her favorite toys in her water dish?”

  1. ?sh?en! Says:

    Possibly OCD. It sounds weird but my friends cat did that as well. She may also just be playing a game, or maybe even cleaning them. I’ve never really heard of it before, other than my friend. It’s sort of funny =P

  2. Shayna L Says:

    she is scared someone will take them

  3. lolly pop Says:

    She could be hiding them or that is just a way of playing with them

  4. Anna Lynn Says:

    I think she’s playing. My cat used to do that. It’s fun – your cat is probably "fishing"

  5. Cattitude Says:

    Some cats like to play in their water. I’ve had a couple over the years that have done similar things. I would find junk in the water dish, and finally I caught her, she was "burying" the water dish like they sometimes bury their food!

  6. Grela LaTuc Says:

    My oldest cat did this and I thought she was the only one. But, my kitten also loves to play in the water with her toys. She’ll hop up on my computer table soaking wet. Then I have to stop and dry her then mop up around the water and food dishes.

    I’m glad to see that mine aren’t the only ones who love to fish for their toys.

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