Why does my cat make this meow sound when he has a soft toy in his mouth?

For Christmas I gave my cat a soft round ball with sparkling paper sticking out all around it. He loves this ball and bats it around the room all day. Then he holds it in his mouth and softly meows. He is obsessed with this ball. I’ve never seen him play so much with a toy before. I was wondering what that meow meant. Is my cat thinking he is holding a mouse in his mouth or maybe a kitten.

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    6 Responses to “Why does my cat make this meow sound when he has a soft toy in his mouth?”

    1. Louuuise. Says:

      i think he really loves his ball, he’s probably talking to it >.<

    2. Frozentuthpaste Says:

      That’s my guess too, he probably is just really loving that toy. The meow, is probably the same kind of reaction that you would get when he purrs, just pure happiness. My cat does the same thing when she’s playing with straws.

    3. Dandi Says:

      i think he just really likes the ball and enjoys playing with it. His meow may just mean he is happy and enjoying himself

    4. cat lover Says:

      It is common, and one of my cats makes this strange sound when she is carrying around one of her toys. It is so strange, that it gets the attention of the rest of my cats. If they are sleeping, their heads immediately pop up and they turn in the direction of the sound.

      I think it is just the sound of joy.

    5. Rachel Mcadams Says:

      whoah! my cat does that too! :p

    6. susan n Says:

      My Fizzy does this with her friend the puffy blue ball. Since she is female I first thought that perhaps she was "pretending" she was calling kittens to prey she caught for them. There have been many posts about this involving male cats too like yours and so proves that guess wrong.

      My cat usually seems excited when she is walking around making weird sound with her ball. If your cat is too, maybe the sound is one of happiness at having caught something?

      Male cats do not carry kittens so it isn’t that.

      Wish we could understand better what was going on in their furry little heads.

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