Why does my cat hide all of his toys in my shoe?

I go in my closet and in one of my shoes were:
2 plastic jingly balls, one of his fuzzy mice, and one of those little white caps that go over the mounting hardware on the toilet.

Is my cat weird?

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21 Responses to “Why does my cat hide all of his toys in my shoe?”

  1. themeindzeye Says:

    Your cat’s being a cat. They will bring their prey back to their home in the wild to stash it. Your cat has successfully hunted and killed those jingly balls and fuzzy mice (and the white cap), and now it is stashing them against future need. 🙂

  2. prnz16 Says:

    maybe he doesn’t like his toys…

  3. Latina111 Says:

    Awww cutie kitty. Wish mine did that. ^^

  4. Typewriter Says:

    he wuves his massy poo, ohhh, so cute, he jus wuves you that’s all.

  5. Dr.Mum Says:

    how my son!

  6. jessigirl00781 Says:

    Those might be "gifts" for you.

  7. bigleybill Says:

    He hides his toys in a safe place because of your familiar smell.

  8. Lucius22 Says:

    He’s not weird , he’s just a neat cat ; hell i’d be grateful if my cat put his things away , even if it was in my shoe !

  9. Connie S Says:

    your shoe smells like you. Cats are very scent orientated.

    That and it is fun to try to get a toy out of a shoe..

  10. Wally M Says:

    No. He loves you enough to give you all the things that he has "hunted". He puts them in your shoe because your smell is concentrated in your shoe, and therefore must be a very close part of you, and therefor a good place to leave these offerings.

    You should be glad that your cat is an indoor cat. Cats that are allowed to hunt birds and such leave rather more gruesome offerings.

  11. sleepingliv Says:

    No. In the wild, your cat would do his best to camouflage any food he’s hunted and caught to keep other predators away. He’s hiding the toys in your shoe as it is a scent he is familiar with. In other words you are part of what would be a pride in the wild.

    He’s just acting on his feline instincts.

  12. sk8ter_gurl_157 Says:

    your cat is not weird my cat does the same thing i read that if you treat your cat good and for example he is an outdoor cat he will bring u back a dead mouse for the appreciation except in your situation he is putting it in your shoe its just a little way of thanking you

  13. rivendellrose2005 Says:

    LOL my cats LOVE to hide their toys…the shoes are the best place they do, though, they usually end up under the fridge or somewhere equally inaccessible…my one carries all the furry mouse ones to her "den" (a little cubby in the climbing post we got her).
    Yes, your cat IS weird…but aren’t they all? 😛

  14. phillip w Says:

    they are of great value,and he hides them so it can share them with you.

  15. littlefaulty Says:

    no cats do that all the time its just something that cats doo they love shoes.

  16. dan the man Says:

    yore cat loves you , you make him or her fill safe,so the cat thinks the toys will safe , in yore shoes.

  17. evilphoenix425 Says:

    Cats are definitely strange creatures. For some reason my cats feel the need to drag my dirty clothes out of the hamper so they can drag them into their litter box. They also don’t like to eat their food normally. They MUST pick out a piece at a time so they can bat it around first.

  18. Blossom S Says:

    That’s cute! No offense to your feet, but he clearly regards your scent as a safe place where he can stash his valuables.

  19. Geaux LSU Tigers!!! Says:

    I used to go to put on my shoes only to find a little mouse stuffed way down into the toe. Damn it! I would always exclaim. It was very funny. I don’t know why he stopped doing that, but I haven’t seen it in a while. It’s just love.

  20. kath Says:

    you are lucky it is only toys one of my sister’s kitten was sick in her sons school shoe. my own cats hide toys and my bobins of threads (only out when doing needlework) in my shoes or they make shoes or slippers into prey lol. they are so cute they just think they are doing us a kindness with their ‘prey’ or telling us what they think off us when it is something more yucky.

  21. old cat lady Says:

    I think your kitty is very tidy and you don’t have to buy a toy box or step on those squishy things in the dark.

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