why does my cat cry evertime she picks her toys up?

hi i have a tabby female cat, shes strange because every time she picks her toys up she crys, but her mouth is fine because she can eat and drink, ect. why is this? thank you x

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10 Responses to “why does my cat cry evertime she picks her toys up?”

  1. butterfly_kissess87 Says:

    the ppl above me gave good answers. but ya, my cat does the same thing sometimes….she just does it to get my attention, she loves when i play with her. but if you think it could be because she’s in pain, then take her to the vet and explain what’s happening.

  2. Joe B Says:

    It sounds like paw cancer. Ask your vet about this.

  3. ~~PG~~ Says:

    My cat does the same. She does it so I notice her and I play with her. It’s sooooooo cute.

  4. christina w Says:

    not sure go to vet poor kitty

  5. prtyinpink07 Says:

    Well it may not be a cry of sorrow but a cry of playfulness. I just got a tabby kitten too and I have two older ones as well. Some cats have strange behaviors and personalities. As long as she’s not hurt she’s probably just being silly. Have fun with your new kitten : ]

  6. Sarah Jane Says:

    Maybe there is a sensitive area on her gum line that is protected by how long her teeth are but not when she holds something to carry?

  7. bella_dreamer12 Says:

    Maybe she is just trying to get your attention mine do that all the time. Cats are self centered and like things to be about them. Maybe shes trying to say LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!! ha ha. Or maybe she thinks someone is trying to steal them…if you have other pets she might be protecting them from or from you….Cats Rock.

  8. Ragabash Moon Says:

    As others have suggested, I’d say have a vet check her out to be sure, but it sounds to me she’s just "talking" to the toy, or else she’s asking YOU to come play with the toy too!

  9. Lisa R Says:

    I love these doom and gloomers!

    It sounds to me like your cat loves to pick up her toys, that’s all. Just like humans, some dogs and cats vocalize their feelings. I seriously doubt there is some medical condition involved (if she felt some kind of pain every time she picked up her toys, she wouldn’t pick up her toys anymore), but if it would assuage your fears, by all means, take her to the vet.

  10. kittens<3 Says:

    My kitten does the same thing. She has this little pink beanie bear that she carries around the house and also this peice of red string.
    Shes trying to show you that she hunted down and caught the "object" your kitten might also start kneading pillows which means shes happy.

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