Where can I buy cool cat products?

I want to buy really nice beds and toys for my cat, where can u buy cool cat toys and beds. And if possible dog products as well.
Thank you.
And I mean really cool stuff, like designer pet products.

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    4 Responses to “Where can I buy cool cat products?”

    1. Jadestar Says:

      Ignore the people just answering for points and being rude, they don’t even know what they are talking about. Petco and Petsmart are the best places to go. The stuff they have is great quality, and it’s inexpensive. If you are going ot one of them I would recommend Petco. The people working in each of the sections tend to be more helpful and they know more about what they are doing.
      Of course, toys can be bought in those stores along with hundreds of other products, but you can even make toys at home with stuff you already have. Cats often like things like that better than fancy toys from the pet store. Some examples of things your cat may play with that you may already have-
      -Pipecleaners used in crafts, bent and twisted into interesting shapes for the cat
      -Some cats like the fake plastic spiders kids get on Halloween, but you have to be careful that it’s big enough that your cat won’t swallow or eat it. It might also freak you out too, so if you’re really scared of spiders don’t do this. 🙂
      -Most cats love the sound of a Christmas bow being crinkled; they love playing with them and carrying them in thier mouths
      -Balled-up Klondike foil wrappers, but you have to be careful with these. Make sure all the chocolate is going inside and dont ball it up so much that the cat can accidentally swallow it. Some cats play fetch with foil balls!

      There are lots more toys that you can find at home for your cat. As for the cat beds, cats usually prefer just to curl up in a comfortable place. It doesn’t have to be a cat bed. Most will just go straight to the couch or your bed to take a map if you buy a cat bed anyway. They like sleeping on blankets just as much. Try putting a soft blanket an a toy or two in a sunny spot that your cat likes. But don’t move the blanket, keep it in the same place and if you cat likes it there they will sleep on it!
      You can message me anytime if you have more questions. I am always willing to help!


      P.S. Cats don’t care if something is ‘designer’. They will like something you already have or is cheaper just as much if not more!

    2. bubbie Says:

      pets at home ! they have a huge range of cat products that are really good quality as well as loads of other stuff for other aniamls

    3. cindyybabyy Says:

      Me and my cat love petco..

    4. Sharon Says:

      You can buy cool cat products online from

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