What is your cat/kittens favourite toy?

What is your cat/kittens favourite toy? what does she/he play with most, our kitten likes shoes usually my wifes shoes she plays with, she does not seem to play much with manufactured toys, what I mean is toys especially for cats like small mice and balls. Our cat will smell and play with shoes but only ladies shoes.

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    14 Responses to “What is your cat/kittens favourite toy?”

    1. Mary Says:

      He loves everything. He’s quite fond of small stuffed things. He has a little teddy bear with a little jingle bell in it and he loooooooves that thing. so does our other cat. It used to be on a string, but he pulled it off.

    2. tae_tae_almighty93 Says:

      My cat is fascinated with shoe laces. You take one end then dangle the other end in her face then she pounces around and bites it or tries running off with it. She also loves laser lights, she’ll chase them, then if you point them in a place she can’t get to she meows then tries to get it. Little things amuse her. Just experiment with random things.

    3. Lee Says:

      My other cat.

    4. leesieb. Says:

      My cat LOVES to play with my toes.

      While I’m still asleep.
      Once I accidentally kicked him to get him to stop biting and he flew across the room….oops…..hehe.
      Don’t worry though….he’s okay.

    5. cat care Says:

      Toys that are great to play with for cats are usually the round plastic ones (such as rings from shower curtains, plastic balls, golf balls, balls used in ping-pong) as these give cats the opportunity to chase and paw around. They could also carry these in their mouths, make sure though that these are big enough they cannot be swallowed but not so large that they cannot carry them in their mouths.

    6. mamaisland Says:

      Besides my legs she loves legos, the deflated air bed, shoelaces, and small toys.

      She’s scared of balls small and big.

    7. sadie may Says:

      My cousins Stupid cat has quite a unique "TOY" It goes snake hunting in the field across the street from her house and very proudly brings the snakes home to her!!! 5 times so far since it has been warm enough for snakes then she has to capture the snake and get it out of an upstairs appartment.I told her the second time that happened he would have become an outside cat in my house.He would not have to worry about bringing home anything else till winter when I would let him back in the house

    8. D C Says:

      Hello.. Young kittens usually like to play in paper bags not plastic, shoe boxes. They like balls of yarn to play with also. If she is a young kitten she might not like some of the toys yet, give it time. As for the shoes, sometimes they play with the one that gives them affection. They know you by your smell. You can also take a small piece of paper, bunch it up small and toss it to her/him. You can teach a cat to fetch. Cat can learn tricks like dogs.. Just take time and patience.

    9. rami #1 Says:

      Mauri likes plastic carrier bags and Chaos loves the rubber door stop which she prised from the floor months ago- I have spent a fortune on proper toys only to have them ignored!

    10. Bardic Says:

      Basically anything small that moves. Best yet is a crumpled up piece of paper knotted into the end of a piece of string and dragged around. Always gets him even when he’s trying to be all grown up and sober. Or a crumpled up paper bag that’s thrown for him, he pounces on it and "attacks" it, ripping it to shreds . . .

      It’s movement that matters, not how expensive the toy is.

    11. johnnyismyman73 Says:

      My cats dont really play with toys but if I dangled anything long and move it around they’ll attack it lol which I’m sure every kitty does and my one cat loves playing with paper balls, I’ll throw it and he’ll go chase it down and bring it back to me and it goes on and on lol until he gets tired out. But my cats loooooooove cat nip!

    12. Morky Says:

      bags bags bags, I have to watch him very carefully, He likes his funky fish, a soft catnip stuffed fish thing. And his noisy balls, and the plastic rings off milk…loves them! green ones though not the blue wholemilk 🙂

    13. xav3 Says:

      my cat loves to play with feathers but only off a bird we are always looking for them and bringing them back for her she also likes paper bags like the ones from primark she tears them up and also string

    14. fadil Says:

      my two kittens never stop playing with my sandals and anything they can Chase (they love to think there catching a prey) try it 🙂

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