What cat toys should I buy my cat?

My cat is a domestic male with wild bengal in him generations back. He is VERY smart. I know there are dog toys that are puzzles for dogs they have to manipulate to get to the treat. What are the names of similar toys/products I can buy for my cat.

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    4 Responses to “What cat toys should I buy my cat?”

    1. mary Says:

      Here are some ideas:

    2. i-pwn-u-all Says:

      they have cat kong (not sure what real name is, just know it ends in kong) and you put a semi-liqud cat treat gel in a toy( gel comes with toy) and let your cat try to get the treat out of the middle. hope this helped

    3. Meadow Says:

      My cat is really wild for a domesticated cat. He loves mice! His favorite is one that squeaks every time you move it. He will play with it (and kill it) for hours.

      Here’s the site where you can find it:
      I got the first one, the MouseHunter. But there are others to choose from.

    4. Kathy Miller Says:

      They seem to love those little loops that come off the gallon milk jugs. If they see the label, ,cat toy, lol their not gonna like it! Unless it has catnip in it!

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