The worst cat toy EVER!

I bought this mouse toy for my cats and I was shocked how terrified they were of it. Every time they hear the sound, they run! Visit youtube.com for more videos! Tags: cats kittens funny cute cat toy worst ever mouse terrified scared hissing hiss crying meowing Swarm of getting bath #2 Obud? si? kocie! tries to wake up his friend rescued in sink bathroom swarm pets no kill policy sleeping baby puss

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    25 Responses to “The worst cat toy EVER!”

    1. SuperPeacefulguy Says:

      The cats? were really pissed…hahaha

    2. SuperPeacefulguy Says:

      Less than? three

    3. oldevil Says:

      Your cats are to old to? play

    4. rosebudpeabrain Says:

      Actually, I? have a cat who is almost 16 years old and she still plays.

    5. rosebudpeabrain Says:

      My family has? a toy like that and our cats love it.
      By the way, has Casey ever hissed? It seems to me that only Sassy hisses (but she meows less often).

    6. oldevil Says:

      I was kidding,? have cats my whole live. I know

    7. EXROBOWIDOW Says:

      Wow–that’s a “going-to-the-vet” meow!!

      I have two kittens.? So far, I’ve resisted buying them any of the cute toys sold in the stores. (Except a package of ping-pong balls.) Like children, kittens can have a lot of fun with “free” stuff–cardboard boxes, paper bags, string.

    8. jenelle20092010 Says:

      The level of their noninterest in that? toy was rather shocking

    9. TheSirClockwork Says:

      Stop, you’re frightening them with? that bird-mouse abomination!!

    10. scaramazz Says:

      Strangely enough, my cat loves your cats’ reaction to the toy… curled up and purred.?

    11. silvweatest Says:

      I used to haea toy like this for my? cat…and he liked/killed it.

    12. nodqcaw Says:

      Maybe only once.?

    13. thefastFINGERskater Says:

      This toy is living and a bad alien. all cats do? know that!
      ur so sily all know it pff

    14. MizGoddessgirl Says:

      ahaha my cat looked up every? time your cat meowed

    15. sqweekyknee Says:

      Dooooood i.have this? for my cat and she absolutly loves it

    16. NPMaria Says:


    17. Gunzah Says:

      Impressive,? that can be used to drive cats away.

    18. TheDigitalFae Says:

      WTF is this, man? Is this a fish? Is this? a mouse? s this a bird? It’s a little demon! Get outa here and take it with you!!!!!

    19. AwesomeSwordTV Says:

      Lol he was like, “Why? have you forsaken me?!?”

    20. kkthekitty Says:

      Get them kitty kick stix catnip? toy instead.

    21. angelinajoanie Says:

      the fluffy cat is like what the? eff is this?

    22. thegreatmandy Says:

      awww. Maybe you can destroy the? sound maker somehow.

    23. viannafin Says:

      Cats are very often either terrified of new toys that we excitedly buy for them or they just don’t give a? sh*t. 😀 Then we catch them playing with paper, plastic bags and random crumbs on the floor…

    24. Enad700 Says:

      I understand them, they want this ugly sound to? stop at last.

    25. thugie1 Says:

      Lol poor things…mooooor(get that horrible thing away from me). ?

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