Mike Rowe on QVC – Katsak

Circa 1992, Mike Rowe (host of Dirty Jobs) worked in (very) late-night TV selling crap to idiots on QVC. He used the opportunity to its full comedic potential.

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    20 Responses to “Mike Rowe on QVC – Katsak”

    1. speciaaalk Says:

      Mike? Rowe, marry me?

    2. dfgyuhdd Says:

      Mike? Rowe, grand master of not getting fired.

    3. ursie1986 Says:

      more of? these please.

    4. ugleeamerican Says:

      How does he know what lisa`s cat? looks like?

    5. millerman464 Says:

      And? a record number of Katsaks were sold this night, presumably to stoners.

    6. TheSteve4200 Says:

      Looks like? the cats out of the bag…. Hahahahah!

    7. swedishvolvo Says:

      Mike Rowe has the best all around personality of? anyone I know.

    8. scottherron Says:

      kitten mittens!?

    9. ebrach121 Says:

      me? tooo ha ha.

    10. SuperLucifer420 Says:

      i could watch mike rowe on qvc all day long this is funny? as hell

    11. Databug13 Says:

      The first LOL cat? video

    12. jackattack286 Says:

      Booker was? my aunt’s cat, now long deceased. RIP.

    13. jackattack286 Says:

      Lisa was my aunt, an employee in production at QVC at the? time. Booker passed away a few years ago.

    14. ClapAddict Says:

      RIP Booker… Rest? in peace

    15. Choncy21 Says:

      The best part of? all of this is he was fired 3 times hahahahagagafafhahaga

    16. CarlosIsDown Says:

      I want to buy? it.

    17. SheffZeffLepp Says:

      LOL!!!! Talk about an ill fated career move, bless? him for even trying!! Mike rules!!!

    18. scaryjam8 Says:

      I wish he still worked on qvc. I? would watch it all day long!

    19. chopperboi89 Says:

      old cat? ladies watch QVC late-night… they know their audience lol

    20. RebornTheElite Says:

      dumb toy, I just use grocery? bags.

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