Make Homemade Cat Toys : Make Cat Toys Out of Boxes

Make homemade cat toys out of boxes in this free video. Expert: Grace Fitzpatrick Bio: Grace Fitzpatrick has studied ventriloquism for years and is a trained improv actor. She uses the illusion of “throwing” her voice to entertain children at parties. Filmmaker: David Jackel

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    23 Responses to “Make Homemade Cat Toys : Make Cat Toys Out of Boxes”

    1. geekissxoxo Says:

      DON’T READ THIS I’M SOOOO SORRY? EVERY1!!! If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

    2. emmabanane123 Says:


    3. emmabanane123 Says:

      So? cool

    4. bratzstyleem Says:

      your stupid ya? know!!!

    5. Eglyde Says:

      I? like it. :))))

    6. zaieka Says:

      am? wondering if she her self ever!!!!!!!!!!

    7. o0OrangePanda0o Says:

      i find this difficult to? masturbate to…

    8. TheMacason Says:

      Ray will devourz your? soul 😀

    9. bubufaty Says:

      i swear? my cats will play with nothing but what we do not use as cat toys i will buy them toys but they do not use them

    10. justinbieberfan842 Says:

      my cat took a plastic easter egg and was rolling it on the floor and then would run after it hit it again and? go after it lol

    11. justinbieberfan842 Says:

      what are? you talking about

    12. theamziss Says:

      : This is just wat I wanted to say! But your right, and look at? the reactions of these people they are like’: ” Wooow Amazing, I have never thought about putting a hole in a box, you are sooo smart!”
      (sorry for my English i’m dutch :P)

    13. theamziss Says:

      This is? great !!! thumbs up XD

    14. 59Martins59 Says:

      So,? if I shove a box into my ass will my cat love it?

    15. roooooner Says:

      00:44 -? 00:48 that’s what she said

    16. lunagatapreta Says:

      I’ve done this for Luna, my black kitty, but my intention was that she would get into the box. Turns out she loves to reach objects inside with her? paws! I’ve discovered your toy’s suggestion by accident, but anyway, great tip for cat owners! 🙂

    17. RetroHabboRetro Says:


      (my cats hate most toys from shops or they destroy them too easy)

    18. cheesyguy100 Says:

      Step one: Cut a hole in a box
      Step two: Put your? junk in the box
      Step three: Makes someone open the box

    19. Patrice063 Says:

      Boxes make great? toys for cats and rabbits….safe too!

    20. adamwayneleslie Says:

      Oh Grace, what would the world do without? you?

    21. Funnygirl10111 Says:

      not to be mean but click this to start? the video 0:55

    22. JerFhilm Says:

      Marry me? Grace. You have a quirky sense of humor and I love it!

    23. earbudiphone Says:

      Thanks I will? try this

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