How To Make Felted Cat Toys

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    9 Responses to “How To Make Felted Cat Toys”

    1. angel292005 Says:

      awesome,? TFS!

    2. aldeffenderfer Says:

      do you have? to remove styrofoam

    3. WeirdThatsUs2 Says:

      yes? u do

    4. iamtotallygirly Says:

      very cool, my daughter wants to make one today:)?

    5. bratzstyleem Says:

      Whats wool? roving??

    6. CSBgamer Says:

      @hotdog1997? cwool

    7. Ww2fighter1 Says:


    8. kutiforever Says:

      no dislikes!? awesome 🙂

    9. Yomalex3 Says:

      1 Person had their monitors? upside down when liking this video. Lol, awesome tutorial! I’m making some of these for a local rescue group!

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