Homemade Cat Toys

Learn how to make a free, fun, and weird toy for your cat to enjoy. All you really need is a cat! Just don’t let your little one eat it.

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    24 Responses to “Homemade Cat Toys”

    1. MegaRandomTaco Says:

      Ummm how do u make these? with short hair Russian blues???

    2. ArmanStudios Says:

      or you can use? pubic hair

    3. iCookieMonster107 Says:


    4. WannaMaMill Says:

      I have? a Sphinx… Damn it

    5. MsStar505 Says:

      lol i? laughed so hard

    6. Coolchloepop Says:

      Thats not disgusting.?

    7. TurtleGirl2002 Says:

      It’s not free you have? to get a cat:)

    8. xSpook3yx Says:

      My damn cat? ate it

    9. CatShelves Says:

      That’s a big fur ball!
      Cat lovers please take a look at our cat shelves, there wall hung jungle gyms for cats!?

    10. dementedenyz Says:

      where did you get that cat? fur remover????

    11. theeflea3 Says:

      Okay, but how much is? the cat hair remover thingy?

    12. Sh3lbieJewell Says:

      i hope you understand that you just made a bunch of cat fur dreadlocks.?

    13. zombiiexmassacre Says:

      what about? sphinx cat XD

    14. LemmonPeople Says:

      that is weird

    15. sdfghjkdfgjk Says:

      not really. they like their own fur? because it gives off the scent of cat and thats what intrigues them. paper wont do that.

    16. KristofskiKabuki Says:

      You should see my housemate’s cat with a piece? of rolled up paper. Or a chip.

    17. indymogulfan882 Says:

      looks like? a sliff

    18. ratedEG Says:

      Cherokee hair tampons??

    19. beardieandme Says:

      wouldnt the cat swallow? it

    20. jerom1997 Says:

      looks for me like a turd?

    21. ipodnanoful Says:

      so in a way? they’re playing with themselves

    22. Wakewolfe38 Says:

      what a nice? ending

    23. Lunerlix Says:

      thanks for this amazing? video!

      pls visit my channel for more cat videos :o)

    24. gamekid555 Says:

      HA? HA wouldn’t work for me. My cat eats hair… paper and chews on plugs and cords. Gotta hide those cords from him. btw he is a 6 year old maine coon.

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