Funny Cats – Cat Toy amuses Bengal Cat Max

Funny Cats? Funny Cats – Cat Toy amuses Bengal Cat Max. It’s called “UNDERCOVER MOUSE”. This great Cat Toy was one of two that I got for our Two Bengal Cats. The other, more expensive cat toy (Kitty Go Crazy) seems to have less appeal except it has fascinating talking ball which stimulates their interest at times. Max is now 18 months old and has to be distracted in order for 4 year old Sheeba to get any peace at all. He’s on the go 12 hours a day – sits in wait ready to ambush poor Sheeba at any opportunity, playfully jumping on her from tops of cupboards, shelves, the ironing board, top of the fridge … absolutely flattens her! He’s turned her into a neurotic messed up female, he has!!! But what an excellent diversion this Undercover Mouse turned out to be. Didn’t think it would stand up to the punishment he metes out… And look! Good solid construction takes anything he can throw at it. Can you tell I’m impressed ? Got us some Cheap batteries too… and they’re still good after more than 3 hours total use here already. This digital toy really appeals, will keep kitty happy and busy (for up to say 10 mins at a time) then as you’d expect, they go find something else to do, jump on, destroy or play with. Bengals! Next Cat for us? Definitely a GARFIELD thankyou…

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