Fun New Cat Toy

This video shows off a new cat toy called the Peek-a-Prize Toy Box. For more information visit

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    24 Responses to “Fun New Cat Toy”

    1. allpetsradio Says:

      than go a?

    2. applestar13 Says:

      SOLD! I just purchased one. I can’t? wait

    3. isaacincabo Says:

      cool!! my cat will love? it…

    4. BCKspringer Says:

      WAY EASY TO MAKE! get the flat boards, and drill to make 1.5″ holes, glue pieces together? and insert toys!

    5. MontgomeryPowell Says:

      omg the cat at 1:07 has krazy? kolorzzz!

    6. teresa6565 Says:

      I’d? love to get one of these, but they are overpriced. They are around $30, or sometimes more if you pay for shipping. Great idea, though. I might try to make one with some boards I have lying around.

    7. evilpigbannanas Says:

      that is a? total rip off I mean seriosly your going to pay 30 bucks for a wooden box with holes in it not to mention shiping

    8. mockingarab Says:

      Artificial stimulation could exhaust? them though.
      It’s over stimulation.

    9. D4NG3R03S Says:

      Grey, Black and brown (and? some white) common colours for a cat lol

    10. MontgomeryPowell Says:

      ya but crazy mixture on teh? face

    11. RwanaLaiXishu Says:

      I just grabbed a cardboard box and punched? some holes. Cat loves it

    12. TaylorRocks8 Says:


    13. TaylorRocks8 Says:

      my? caat would prob. like it……….

    14. 69somer Says:

      hey u should make a video how? to make one

    15. silulusi Says:

      i grabbed a shoe box put two holes in it and put a little bouncy ball in there and my cat loves that lol ?

    16. REPTILEMAN561 Says:

      it be funny if a cat got piised and smashed the box?

    17. REPTILEMAN561 Says:

      it be funny if a cat got? pissed and smashed the box

    18. rippedpixel Says:

      Cats? Ftw

    19. brianrocks17 Says:


    20. thespaceboon101 Says:

      when he sticks his arm in the box and moves im? afraid that he will break it

    21. MysteriousGirlof2011 Says:

      these must be? kittens cause my 1yr old cat probably wont play with it but my 5month old will. he’ll die for something like that.

    22. littlecatty2 Says:

      That? is awesome

    23. littlecatty2 Says:

      Sub in My channel,too?

    24. aam9698 Says:

      I bought this. My cats will? NOT play with it.

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