Does your cat bring their favorite toy to bed with them?

We bought this mouse with a string attached to it from target, and my cat can’t get enough of it. Every morning we find Leonard (yes, we named our cat’s toy) in one of our beds, and we see her pick it up and carry it with her places and sleep next to it or use it as a pillow. Does anyone else’s cat do this?

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    6 Responses to “Does your cat bring their favorite toy to bed with them?”

    1. fergusmcfortin Says:

      Yup… It has to do with bringing their "kill" or prized possession to the PACK (you!).
      My cats have special toys (also named) that they will go get on command, and sleep with them, and bring them to us when we sleep (the cats sleep on the bed with us). It is really sweet and cute.
      Makes for some funny videos too!

    2. michelle A Says:

      No, she just brings her paws to knead me!

    3. dove2002 Says:

      Our cats have lots of toys one they love is the rings off of gallon jugs, They carry them around in their mouths all the time.

    4. bape_all_stars Says:

      My cats do this but watch out because if you have a mouse in your house it will bring that to bed too(true story) And we had a ostrich for one cat and a turtle for the other and it would bang it against the wall and i would throw it and it would go running she loved that thing.

    5. Ali Says:

      She brings it to my bed all the time! its the cutest thing!! i love my kitten!!!

    6. Teddy. Says:

      My cat brings this Long Thing ) stick ) in bed & wants me to play with her almost every morning, few times she brung in her play mouse.

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