DIY cat toy project – Kitty whack-a-mouse! (Improved)

Cut some holes in a cardboard box and watch as your cat whacks the toys popping in and out! How many mice can my cat, Tink, whack in 30 seconds? Note: This is a funny cat video! I uploaded this new version because I added some neat video game sounds.

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    25 Responses to “DIY cat toy project – Kitty whack-a-mouse! (Improved)”

    1. CristobalTL Says:

      I like this video? 😛

    2. SuperSmashiz Says:

      That? is a GREAT cat toy!

    3. cookie95ize Says:

      901 liker :3. Btw why the hell did a dozen people dislike? this vid?! It’s a great vid >:O

    4. stephk42 Says:

      best? video ever

    5. TheRocklover41 Says:

      this? is epic

    6. DallyandMango Says:

      That was so amusing :P? hahaha

    7. lilsister2 Says:

      HAHA! That was cute!?

    8. jaysi621456 Says:

      boom!? (game drops on kitten) game over!

    9. PissedAvengingAngel Says:

      I can’t even get my cat? to play with string! TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!!!

    10. jebussaves1 Says:

      the cat looks like a mouse himself(or? herself).

    11. Ps2gamer2010 Says:

      i tried it out with my 4 month old cat and she thinks its fun nice idea ?

    12. darklord01195 Says:

      hahahahah? the end cracks me up GAME OVER

    13. MsLadybug1011 Says:

      ? This is such a funny cat!

    14. mraccident Says:

      1) How did you manage to shrink a puma?!
      2) Are you that? laze, that you couldn’t make him a hammer?

    15. eleszar1 Says:

      0:25 he is ah? come on give me a brake

    16. nintendofangirldad Says:


    17. Moebiustripper11 Says:

      Very funny! –I’ll have to try this with my? cat. She’s a whacker!

    18. howboutthisname Says:

      Ha? Ha,, That’s great!

    19. thefinalwordportland Says:

      Good idea. Can’t believe people can? be so crude and mean

    20. threelegbunny3 Says:

      Lolz to? cute

    21. Ms1967Craig Says:

      this? would be a fun toy for my kittys…

    22. CatShelves Says:

      I’m going to make? this for my cats.
      Cat lovers please take a look at our cat shelves, there wall hung jungle gyms for cats!

    23. LibraLovesFaVs Says:

      hahaha That is too funny! He is good ,never missed one.lol ? He has such a mature expression on his face, like,, I am too old for these games, Wait a minute, I can’t help myself..”WACK!”,,haha You are so creative! Love it! :o)

    24. westmountroad Says:

      Just b4 it says game over the cat? tilts its head like “come on man” (or woman)

    25. mahalukie Says:

      too cute

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