CRAFT Video: Simple Cat Toys

In celebration of pets on Craftzine, here are two easy cat toys you can make.

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    23 Responses to “CRAFT Video: Simple Cat Toys”

    1. kay486 Says:

      xDDD? rolz

    2. Tautvis17 Says:

      omg whats? happened to your face?

    3. 21April853BC Says:

      That’s? mean but she has a nice rack.

    4. hjp2006 Says:

      Great tutorial, thanks for posting it up. (and ignore the rude people? you are an attractive crafty lady)

    5. armouredhen30 Says:

      I agree with hjp2006
      Good tutorial and u r not ugly
      Every vid iv seen on YouTube has? hate comments from grumpy knowitalls

    6. lolgirlol1 Says:

      are you kidding I? love her she is so hot

    7. havocdaemon Says:

      Mmm.. I want to get something with? chains and tassles and such and make Becky purr. 🙂

      So lovely. Rawr!

    8. Silenthawk98 Says:

      Sloth, is that you??

    9. CrossKennedy Says:

      where can i get? a heat gun and some equal length synthetic fuzzy yarn??

    10. MrTurdburgler1088 Says:

      i? thought it was e.t.

    11. Uberhilarious Says:

      Yeah she is hot, she knows it.. check out that rack.
      What a dream..?

    12. TheAddytube Says:

      Very nice video. Thank you.?

    13. adixy34 Says:

      the cats r? realy cute and the toy was perfect for them thank u

    14. iRewel Says:

      Face is a? little rough, but the tits help make up for it. I’d bang her.

    15. MrCmwest Says:

      Great video but a bit complicated. I make cat toys as well but prefer to have them as simple as possible. Check it out google justbestdeals all one word dot com?

    16. joedicki1 Says:


    17. joedicki1 Says:

      SIMPLE!?? building a rocket would be easier!

    18. joedicki1 Says:

      SIMPLE!? building? a rocket would be easier!

    19. honchomanuel1996 Says:

      looks like a mop,I have mops…. ? kitty,kitty,kitty… my cat is dead….I forgot to clean the LESTOIL off…soooorry….


      This is a great video! I go all around YouTube looking for good cat toys and my kitten loves you’r? toys! 😀

    21. 741pandalover Says:

      U creepy?

    22. CatShelves Says:

      cool toy, I made one.
      Cat lovers please take? a look at our cat shelves, there wall hung jungle gyms for cats!

    23. naemany Says:

      This sucks? alot man

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