Bolt Laser Cat Toy

The Moderncat household tests out the Bolt automatic laser cat toy.

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    24 Responses to “Bolt Laser Cat Toy”

    1. Jurtjenl Says:

      I? bought this toy as well, but my cats seem waaay more interested than yours xD

    2. khannos Says:

      Seems a little bit boring compared to a human controlled laser pointer. If you have a long corridor you are able to let? your cat run a few times for plenty of meters.

    3. simplyroxyful Says:

      How many? cats do you have.
      The more the merrier.

    4. zynation Says:

      what cute catssssss!! i like the ginger one?

    5. disturbedjake12 Says:

      Can I has? LAZER?

    6. boelvira Says:

      for my cat this thing works better if she can’t the toy itself. when she can be close to it she seems more interested with the noise than the laser and the laser ends up pointing on her body alot so she doesn’t? see it as much

    7. TheMikesMaiden Says:

      they dont seem very interested like mine would be mine are happy to just sit so lazy they are lol?

    8. JonasWilms Says:

      Why does the catz? not usez their Lazers to fight back the evil toy?

    9. Nighthawke70 Says:

      Hmm, no. A human laser powered pointer works much better, actually interacting with the cats to keep them interested? and active. This product seems to be more waste of money than a good buy.

    10. Mr121506 Says:

      wow!! that? was amazing!!!!!

    11. jennylover456 Says:

      i want one? for my dog!!

    12. hybriddefect Says:

      I agree with Nighthawke70. The cats in the video only seem sort of interested, more curious than that insane hunting trance. I recommend at least changing the programming on the laser to move like a? real rodent.

    13. Georgieisaporgie Says:

      What if the cat looks into the? laser? It surely would blind it.

    14. TheBranderrShow Says:

      it would be cooler if it was? motion censeored

    15. sujiro Says:

      pathetic product?

    16. dk4everX Says:

      is there any risk of getting the? laser beam in their eyes?

    17. SuperCoolcat3000 Says:

      damn i? want one

    18. debusserdaniel09 Says:

      that’s we we? call some lazy cats ;d

    19. DJGahann Says:

      This toy sucks. It’s way too expensive and after having tried 2 I’ve come to the conclusion this toy is not only boring to the cat, but also very poorly manufactured. Our cat will surely do his hunting reflex when seeing the? dot, but becomes bored very quickly, as opposed to an ordinary laser pen… My advice, don’t waste your money on this piece of crap.

    20. TheEnglishAtheist1 Says:

      Why did you buy your cat a? shiny dildo?

    21. coosmac Says:

      yup…most cats would be interested for few hrs at the most.? people who designed this thing don’t know much about cats

    22. SeberHusky Says:

      Cats don’t like strange? machines. Fact. Place some random object in the middle of the floor, such as an R/C car, and they will be dancing around it and trying to figure out what kind of sorcery it is.

    23. belushiraffarland10 Says:

      Haven’t tried the? Bolt yet, but can hardly wait to get some help!

    24. ObongoUltraChimpout Says:

      nighthawke, eating donuts and sitting at? a computer since 1998.

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